trois etage..

Wed 26 dawned lovely & sunny and, if it wasn’t for mum getting up & pottering about at half past bloody six, I would have had about 4 hours sleep.  As it was I reckon I had about 3.  Another downside to sharing a room with your parents.  *sigh*

But after a lovley continental breakfast (bread & pastries, cereal, yogurt, toast) we headed out.  Walked down Blvd Saint Michel to the Pantheon and paused for souvenir shopping and photos.  Slow wander down to the Seine near Notre Dame, which we wandered through and were terribly impressed with.  Dad discovered how to use the flash new digital camera, Mum was snapping away with her old Canon point-n-shoot thingy.  More photos outside – almost got run over by a protest march for the French medical workers union – and then down to the Seine side to get on the Batobus boat tour hop-on-hop-off thingy.  Went two stops down on the boat, to The Louvre.  Had lovely rustic bread roll lunch in the Parc, took some more photos, then into The Louvre.  They got bored fairly quickly, and we were only in there for about 3 hours, but we did see the Egypt section, the Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa.  Also saw the restoration rooms with the work being done – quite interesting.  They were v. impressed with the building & the size of the place – and I think a little intimidated when I told them you need a few days to see it all properly!

From The Louvre, back on Batobus and down to Tower Eiffel.  Went up this time.  Right to the top.  Send Greg another text – had a giggle.  Got down, had an ice cream and then Batobus back to Notre Dame to get the most from the Batobus day ticket.  From Notre Dame, across the road and up a bit I got them to go into a proper French bistro thingy, we sat on a table on the street, I had escargots (snails) AND GOT MUM TO TRY ONE!!!  YAAYYY!  She wasn’t too impressed, and the english lady on the table next door was watching her face intently which made it all the harder but she did try one :)  Yay mum!  I LOVE the escargots – can’t get enough.  The meal was lovely, the sunshine was grand and the price reasonable.  Stuffed full of food we wandered up the hill towards the hotel, where they again were asleep by 9pm and I was down in the hotel bar till a decent hour.

To be continued…


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