Sledging: Discuss.

So there are some that think that the time-honoured art of sledging is bringing down the gentleman’s game. What crap. :-) Standing out of the pitch surrounded by the opposition is a mind-game from the start. Sledging just makes it more interesting. And there’ve been some damn fine comments tossed about by both sides over the years.. go to:

But if you can’t handle the job, you shouldn’t be on the team. That’s what it comes down to. Sledging, or the equivalent, is in EVERY sport! Just because there’s no microphone nearby and the crowd doesn’t hear it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Just look at this year’s Soccer World Cup, and the french guy who got in trouble for headbutting. (thanks, but I truly don’t care if I know their names or not :-) It seems the other guy was saying something about his sister….

See, the only thing you gotta remember when you seldge is where to draw the line. Make the comments relentless, but never vindictive. They’re there mainly for something for the teams to think about in the 80% of the game they spend standing around. :-) It’s a laugh. No-one gets violent, no-one starts screaming – and to give as good as you get earns the respect of the opposition without even having to hit a ball. If you can survive the mental minefield and play well despite the screaming of your wounded ego, then you’re definitely a world class player.

From former England captain Michael Atherton’s autobiography, Opening Up:
“We also decided at Old Trafford [during the 1997 Ashes series] not to sledge [Steve] Waugh or engage him in any way. We felt he revelled in a hostile atmosphere and sledging merely fuelled his adrenalin. He arrived at the crease and soon realised this: ‘OK, you’re not talking to me are you? Well, I’ll talk to myself then’. And he did…”

Waugh kept a ventriloquist-like running commentary for 240 minutes in the first innings, and 382 minutes in the second. :)


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