Welcome to 2007

Sydney NYE 2006

What an eventful 10 days this holiday break was!

James Brown, Godfather of Soul, dead on Xmas Day. RIP.

Glenn McGrath, and now Justin Langer, follow on from Shane Warne and announce retirement from the Australian cricket team. There is much debate here in the UK about this – will Australia be able to hold on to it’s ‘best team in the world’ mantle. *blows raspberry* Speaking to Jan last night, apparently after the Ashes series there’s no other test matches for Australia until November 2007 – which is a bloody long time! No wonder they all chose now to retire. McGrath and (possibly, unconfirmed as yet) Langer will still be playing One Day matches in the short term.

Still on cricket, Ashes Test 4 – Hehehe :) Wonderful! Our boys are playing so very well! And on the news this morning listening to the scores from Ashes Test 5 – it seems like England may have a chance for a draw! The weather in Sydney’s prety crappy, and England are currently 4-234 – they might just pull off a draw and avoid a series whitewash and the HUGE embarrassment that comes with it. We’ll see.

Saddam Hussein was executed, in secret, in a hurry. So much of a hurry that the planners totally screwed up and had his two executors (balaclava’d in the video) screaming politics and racial taunts at him just before pulling the lever. Highly embarrassing for the Iraqi govt and inciting riots…

Miss Rowling introduced the title of the new Harry Potter novel, inciting riots of her own :) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. There’s no publication date announced, but that’s not stopping the rumor mills or the publicity machine..

Speaking of the publicity machine, I took myself to the cinema and saw the new Bond flick, Casino Royale. Opening chapter was good, the rest was (truthfully) a bit dull. The supervillain wasn’t really that nasty (more a suit having a bad day than actually evil) the intrigue wasn’t outlined fully, and there were moments when I couldn’t understand Daniel Craig’s speech. He seems to have this ‘low pitch to sound deadly’ thing going on, but when he pitches his voice low it just comes out in a mumble. It had a strange ending, nothing was really finalised. Except for the fact that I don’t find him particularly attractive, I’m going to reserve judgement on Daniel Craig as Bond until the next film.

Holiday television was full of the requisite Review of 2006, Quiz of the Year, celebrity reviews etc that seem to come every year. The only one I watched was BBC3’s Most Annoying People of 2006. And most of it I even agree with. And last night there was a Monty Python special, the story of The Life of Brian, followed by the film, followed by “What the Python’s did next”. It was cool to see the dramas involved in making such a controversial film, and the debate about whether it would, or could, be made in the current political and religious climate were very interesting indeed. Also last night, The Vicar of Dibbley wedding episode.. Classic tele!

Much hoo-haa, as normal, about the London NYE fireworks. They were ok. The main thing I remember was that, as well as the regular launching of fireworks from the centre of the eye, from barges on the river etc –  they were launching fireworks from MOVING dingys! Yep, two (approx) 12 foot tinnies were racing backwards and forwards in front of the Eye, and firing fireworks off their sterns. Bloody dangerous, really! I was again disappointed with the coverage from world celebrations (just 5 seconds of Sydney this year – even less than last year!) Damn glad that smh.com.au has some photos!

London NYE 2006


Welcome to 2007. May it bring you health and happiness.


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