Can you be a Beckham on just £70K a day?

It’s been announced that David Beckham is leaving Real Madrid, where he hasn’t been in the starting line up for some time, to go to play for LA Galaxy and be paid an astonishing £70,000 per day. That’s AUD$175,000 a DAY!

How much more money does this guy need? The poor guys is obviously broke, the way his wife spends, and even though his football career is a dwindling star he’ll push for all he can just to keep Posh in frocks..
He says he’s in the USA to promote soccer. Which probably has nothing to do with the fact that he’s almost washed up in Europe and no-one else will pay him that ridiculous amount of money.

Now, wouldn’t a better idea (better than opening a soccer academy so a handful of kids can benefit) be to donate some of that obscene amount of money to a worthy charity? There are oodles of them, David, I’m sure you can find one you like…

*Sigh* Again, I’m mystified by the things that the people with the money think are important.  What about global warming?  It bloody SNOWED in Malibu!!
Rant ends.


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