The return of The Hamster!


This is a really good story from Inspector Gadget, author of Police Inspector Blog – brilliant!

Had a pretty quiet weekend – went grocery shopping and paid my road tax (rego). Got my MOT ( pink slip) on Oz Day and was quite impressed with my wee 21yo beastie. I have to admit to being a little worried, 21yo cars often need major work done, and my rego was due by 31 Jan so I didn’t really have time to get anything done. (My travels to Stockholm and Morocco meant that the car had to wait until payday.) But she is in (almost) perfect nick, the mechanic said, and all I had to pay for was a replacement bulb for my licence plate light – a whole 38pence! Aww, bless!

Just out of interest, for you Australian’s out there – I thought I’d let you know how much it costs to register a car in UK. In Australia you’re looking at something around AUD$1,000 yes? Well, here the pink slip and rego was just £160 – or about AUD$350. Smiling and happy am I! (The insurance is another matter, and probably relative to Aussie prices – but I’m due to renew in July, so I can’t tell how much it costs at the moment.)

So the baby is all good to go for another year. :)

This weekend was topped off by the return of Top Gear to our telly-boxes last night, and the glorious return of Richard Hammond after his 288mph crash in the ‘Vampire’ last year. They showed the film of the crash, and there’s not a lot you can do when your tyre blows out at that speed. Apparently the car was still going 230mph when it was upside down and sliding along the grass, which is where The Hamster’s head injuries came from. (For future reference though, Hamster me lad, it might be a good idea not to get into anyting that has a sticker on the side saying ‘Real race cars have afterburners’!)

And they’ve got details of the crash on the Top Gear website. I had the original interview & fottage marked on You Tube, but the BBC have put the hammer down. But check the Top Gear site for info. The story was filmed on the day for the original ‘Vampire’ story, with Hamster and Clarkson going over it in the studio last night. Makes for v interesting television.. not least because Hamster survived the fastest crash in Britain…

I’ve just found the 10min story as screened on Top Gear last night on the BBC website! CLICK HERE!


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  1. inspectorgadget says:

    Thanks for the link; interesting site – keep blogging!

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