Those with too much time on their hands, Unite!

Boredom is a terrible thing. It’s immensely frustrating and tiresome, and should be fought against at every opportunity.

Luckily we have the internet, that provides many many fine examples of how to beat boredom. The below are for your consideration…

Firstly, this inspired individual resolved to find out what it would be like to try and nail jelly to a wall – is it possible?

In the tradition of Pimp My Ride – someone is seriously spending way too much time on the toilet, and should see a doctor.

This guy has invented a fold-up sofa that you can take away under your arm…

The University of the Bleeding Obvious‘s paper on Ten Things You Never Knew About Frogs.

Enjoy and be inspired to new heights of silliness.  I was.  :)


About Miss J

Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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