There’s no business like SNOW business!

Well, as predicted, it started snowing early this morning (about 05:15-05:30. I know this because I was awake at 05:00 and there was no snow.) By the time my alarm went of at 07:00 we’d had perhaps 3cms. It’s beautiful. :) And it’s expected to keep going all day, so I’ll get some more photos! (I’ll put more snow photos on Flickr shortly.)

But here’s a couple I took with my fantastic new camera, which I’m loving, on my way to work. A wonderful, but tearful, experience. The wind is all over the place, changing direction constantly, and so is the snow. Walking about without goggles on is a tearful and slightly sneezy experience. But I can vouch for the wonderfulness of ‘snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes’! :) Giggled for most of the 10min walk to work.

Hinxton Village in Snow3 Hinxton Village in Snow2 Hinxton Village in Snow

L-R: Hinxton Hall this morning, the thatched cottage in the village on Church Lane, and the church.


Arrived at work looking (and feeling!) a little like a polar explorer – ski coat on, scarf wrapped around my face, big Caterpillar boots, funky Stockholm hat, and a lovely spattering of snowflakes that I had to shake off before entering the building! I do so love this weather!

Just had a call from the boss – he’s not coming in. The lab is looking a little barren, and I guess a lot of people aren’t coming in. I can understand that – if they can get here now, if the snow keeps coming down like predicted there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to get home. That’s the bad thing about living so close to work, I’ve got no excuse not to be here. *sigh* Oh well, I’ll have a nice quiet day.

But honestly, a little bit of weather and this country curls up in a ball and starts moaning! Stansted, Gatwick, Luton and Bristol airports are closed, Heathrow is on a heavily reduced takeoff schedule. A lot of trains aren’t running, and the roads are downright scary. But the really frustrating thing is that they’ve been predicting this snow all week. They knew exactly when it was coming and exactly how bad it was going to be. Like I always say, all it takes is a bit of forward planning…

I DO love the snow! And if this does keep up it will be more snow than I’ve ever seen before!! :) HeeHeeee!

Time to get a cup of tea and start cancelling the meetings today… And I’ll be snowman building at lunchtime! :)


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