Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everybody…

Today started ok actually, then sort of went downhill.. I stayed up late last night watching 24 season 5 – it’s good! Anyway, got captivated by the flashing lights and went to bed later than planned, so getting up was harder than usual. But it’s Friday, so it’s OK.

Woke up to the news that Anna Nicole Smith had been found dead. Hmm. Well, I thought she’d hold on a bit longer, but I can’t really say I was surprised. I mean, this is a woman who married a billionaire 60years her senior and is now fighting his family in US Supreme Court for his inheritance. This is a woman who sold naked pictures of her 20yo son to tabloids because she needed money. She had a reailty TV show universally panned for being the absolute worst ever in reality programming. Seriously! Her 5month old daughter is the subject of a DNA-testing paternity case.
True, we over here hadn’t heard from her in a while and this definitely got her name in the papers. Perhaps that’s a bit cynical. But I’ve got no respect for those who are famous for being famous. Or should I say notorious.

But anyway – our snow slut is still there today, despite no more snow falling yesterday. Her head is a bit floppy, but her breasts are still upright and her apparel is still on. The IT team, who have a good view of her all day as they’re situated in the building she’s positioned outside of, tell me that loads of people have been taking photos of her! Crystal is a star! All we need to do now is marry her off to a deathbed billionaire and give her a reality TV show, and she can be our very own on-site Anna Nicole. :)

Oh, and England won the 1-Dayer this morning, the Triangular Series Final No 1. Bugger. There’ve already been comments. But from what I’ve seen on BBC.co.uk it looks like England were simply the stronger team today..

Happy Friday everyone. Let’s see if Crystal Tips is still there on Monday.

Oh, and checkout my friend Brian’s blog for what came around the email at work in preparation for Snow Day yesterday… Bloody brilliant!


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