Oh my god – has Australia lost it???


” The Government plans to pass legislation in the autumn session aimed at regulating all (published) content – including text and still images – using the film classification system as the standard.

Crikey understands that publishers would have to submit for classification all material to be delivered electronically – including book and magazine content. Any content that gained an MA or R classification would have to be subject to an approved age restricted access system.”

“What the government is apparently proposing, according to a report in Bookseller and Publisher yesterday and in Crikey today, is that all published material in any medium will have to be classified, and the classification of text and still images will be regulated by using film classification guidelines.

Does this mean that all newspapers, magazines and websites will require a government classification before they publish? Does the government plan to establish a vast censorship apparatus to handle the millions of words and images that will require vetting each day?”

Did this government miss reading Farenheit 451 in school? Did we learn nothing? Are we intending to build our own Minstry for Propaganda??

Today on Crikey – This follow up piece..

THIS WOMAN is someone to be damn careful of. She doesn’t seem to have any understanding of such simple notions as logic, freedom of choice, free speech or free will. And I don’t believe for a second that she’ll actually be able to classify everything written or published (how are they going to handle the internet??) but just the fact that she wants to is enough to scare me.

Boss thinks that it’s another attempt to increase the numbers of public servants, spending more money, making govt bigger..  I don’t know.. I’m scared that these people are leading us down an incredibly slippery slope. Vote the bastards out. Do it soon. Please. Before this goes any further.


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