You’d almost think it was summer …

I’m sitting here, it’s 3pm, it’s about 14deg outside and (more importantly) the sun is shining. It’s Christine’s birthday tomorrow, but she’s flying out to Florence very early so we went out for lunch today. King Prawn and salmon warm salad with chilli and lime dressing. Yum!

Anyway, I’m sitting here in the office, working away, listening to the commentary from World Cup Cricket – Australia’s first game against Scotland. We’re 1/119 at the moment, 23 overs gone, and Ponters has just got another 4. :) Loving this sunshine, loving the fact that I can sit here with the window open (although I’ve still got two layers on), and listen to the cricket…

Gilchrist on his way to his 46 off 55 balls (Photo
All I need really is alcohol! :)

But, again, there’s no cricket on UK terrestrial television, beyond the 30min ‘World Cup Update’ at 11:25pm. Bastards they are at Sky television. Bastards.

But at least I can listen to decent commentary on BBC Radio Five Live Test Match Series. And I can listen to it at my desk, as well as at home. It could be worse.

But wouldn’t it be nice to be in St Kitts watching some world class cricket?? *sigh*

OOOO! Ponting was just dropped! *phew* If Scotland wins I’ll not hear the end of it! 1/133 @ 25 overs. Looks good for a fair score, but we haven’t been running away with it. Slow pitch and we were sent into bat, but we’ve got to do a bit better than this. Particularly considering South Africa’s in our group.



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