all the news that’s fit to print

So. having an OK time at the moment – the bad bits seem to have moved away from me and I’m out from under my cloud. Thank goodness. It was getting mighty boring, not to mention depressing :)

Have to say a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my niece Sarah, who’s probably too young to remember my last visit, but still. Also belated HAPPY GRADUATION to my cousin Jemma, who graduated from Newcastle Uni last week. Well done!

Went to the book sale on the weekend – picked up a few interesting things. but I say a few – only spent £13 instead of my usual £30. At £1 a book, though, it’s incredibly worth it.

Had Begonia and Miguel over for a BBQ on the weekend. As Miguel’s a guy and it’s the guy’s duty to do all cooking involving open flame, Miguel took charge of the grill and in fine, flamboyant, Spanish style (supported by a good bottle of wine and the occasional prawn) proceeded to turn everything the same colour black. That’s precision BBQ-ing! But we had a good, slightly drunken, evening – I made potato salad, fruit salad and salad salad, along with gourmet snags and plenty of deliciously marinaded meat.

And Miguel got me through the bit I was stuck on in my new game, God of War II – which is bloody fantastic! I was very impressed with the first God of War, but the second is brilliant. Though I suspect it will take me a while to conquer!

Then, on Sunday whilst I was nursing my hangover, Mark moved in. Mark’s a good mate from work that I’ve been speaking to for a few years. He’s moved in for a few months or so – and it’s all good. He’s going through a messy break-up, so I offered my spare room if he needed it. A bit of extra money and company for me…

I’m trying to decide if I need a new MP3 player, since the other one dropped 6 inches onto my desk and pushed the volume roller in, so I can’t change the volume anymore. It still works fine, just won’t get louder. Trying to justify buying a new one – can’t quite do it yet. maybe I’ll wait until the summer.

Meanwhile I’ve discovered a new airline that will fly me to Hong Kong for just £75!! Yes, £75 – that’s not a typo! And from there I should be able to get a return to Sydney fairly cheaply… But I’m hesitant and want to find someone who’s flown with them before. 13hours is a long time to be in a cramped little seat with no amusements and having to pay for your tea (like on other budget airlines).

And that’s about it. (Im)patiently waiting for that big old karmic wheel to spin round to my rewards. Can’t wait to go to Salzburg (I’ve already booked and paid for the Sound of Music Tour!), my girlfriends are taking me for my first ever facial for my birthday and, by the way in case you hadn’t heard, we won the cricket! Huzzah!

Later, gators.. :)


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Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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