A British Bank Holiday weekend

After a week which left me feeling entirely CBA’d, the May Day Bank Holiday long weekend rolled around.

Saturday was Mark’s visiting day and his car was having dramas, so I drove him to Bassingbourne to see his kids, then picked him up about 7:30pm. Spent the day walking, watching DVD’s and cooking. I purchased Season 1 of NUMB3RS, and loved ever minute. The DVD rental place sent me disc one of BONES, new crime series based on the life & books of Kathy Reichs, which I wasn’t immediately taken with, actually. I find the lead, Emily Deschanel, very abrasive and there’s something about her that just bugs the crap out of me. I don’t find her magnetically watchable at all. However, David Boreanaz, male lead and Joss Whedon’s ANGEL in another incarnation, is a different matter. :)

Saturday night, as the central heating turned on there was a bang and a rattle – and my boiler broke down. Apparently the fan has blown, or so says handyman Barry from next door who was out in his garden at the time and heard the strange noises the boiler was making. Bugger! So, no hot water or heating. I tried to call the landlord but had to keep leaving messages all weekend.

Sunday morning Dad & Jan rang – apparently I’m still sounding depressed on my blog. Well, I sort of am, I guess – but it’s not the type of thing caused by geographical location – I mean I’d probably still be depressed in Australia. But to tidy things up, I announce the following. Yes, I still get my headaches, but nowhere near the strength they were before. My hearing is not something I can really do anything about, and most adults my age having hearing loss from too many years of loud music – so this is something I’ll just have to live with, I think. Both Nell and Jan tell me that turning 35 is no big deal, and that I should stop stressing and just enjoy it – but it’s a lot easier to say than to do. I’m trying, OK? I’m trying to be cheerful about getting old. Just bear with me for a bit, alright?

Oh and Dad’s got man-flu. I hope you feel better soon, Dad. :)

After went out with Christine to the movies, saw Blades of Glory. You know, I actually laughed out loud a few times – though there was the typical Will Ferrell humour which on the whole doesn’t float my boat. But an enjoyable, if not thought-provoking, film. After the film we went to T.K.Maxx (bargain-designer-end-of-season-stock-place) and I bought a new wallet (which I’m loving! Needed a new wallet!) and a couple of shirts.

Holiday Monday I woke fairly early, because during the week arrangements had been made to do something with Sarah, her husband Pim and Christine.  Looked outside.  It was raining. It was grey. Dismal. Depressing. The kind of day you just want to stay in bed, really. My phone rang at about 09:30 and Sarah said:

“Christine and I have discussed it, and we’ve decided that we’re going to do something terribly British, a traditional Bank Holiday outing, and go and have fish & chips on the beach in the rain. Now, I know you’re not British, but would you like to come?”

“Sure,” says I, “nothing like a chance to experience typical British culture.”

“Dress appropriately, ” says Sarah. “But I don’t have a wetsuit,” says I.  I did however have one of those huge plastic ponchos, the ones that look like they’ve cut a hole out of a big square of plastic and stuck a hood on it. It’s bright red and says Edinburgh Rugby on the front. I got it at the only Rugby Union game I’ve ever been to – Scotland Vs Tonga in Edinburgh. Scotland won. I got free tickets and a free poncho.

Anyway, Christine picked me up on her way through and we headed to Sarah & Pim’s. We loaded into the Mip-mobile (Pim’s people carrier) and off we went. Sarah navigating, Pim driving and me & Christine in the back laughing.  We’re all in jumpers, coats and big shoes – seems strange to be going to the beach with so many clothes on…

Arrived at Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast, still raining so I had to put my poncho on.  Felt a little like a penguin, and probably looked a little like sunburnt one!  The other’s were laughing at me, but  hey, me and all my stuff was dry – whilst they were looking a little damp! :)  We happily and hungrily joined the queue at the fish n’ chip shop. Now, the standard goes that any food shop that has a queue is worthwhile, so we didn’t really mind waiting – but who wouldn’t thought so many other people had the same idea as us?  Oh, wait.  It’s a British Bank Holiday tradition isn’t it.  Right.  Ok.  :)

20mins later we made the front door and started smelling fish n’ chippy type smells. I had plaice and chips, and it was fantastic. Not as good as the fish at home, of course, but light fish and crispy batter (almost like tempura) – definitely the best fish & chips I’ve had in Britain.


We sat on the sea-wall ofAldeburgh’s shingle beach and scoffed our fish n’chips.  Shingle beaches are very hard to walk on and very uncomfortable to sit on.   And hard if you fall down.  The pebbles went all the way to the water and beyond.  Scary really – a beach you can’t sit on.  Post-scoffing, went to the pub and had a few drinks and laughs.  Wandered the village of Aldeburgh for a bit, but didn’t buy anything.   I kept calling the place Aldebran – perhaps there’s some strangelink in my subconscious between deepest darkest Suffolk and Star Wars. :)

On the way back we stopped at a Farm Shop and I found some frozen yogurt!  Hey, it was exciting for me, the wonder of frozen yoghurt isn’t well known in the UK.  It’s mango flavour and tastes wonderful!  Although it’s heavily rationed, because who knows when I’ll find another tub?!  And coincidentally, there were kangaroo burgers in the meat fridge!  What are the chances?  Where could they have come from?  The burgers weren’t frozen…

Sunday evening the landlord finally called back and gave me the name of the plumber, who I am calling this morning about the boiler.  I hope it’s fixed soon, I’m getting sick of coming to work for a shower.

So that’s my classic British Bank Holiday weekend.   And there’s another one at the end of the month! :)

Oh, and my tomato plants all have flowers on them, as do my strawberry plants.  My strawberries are actually making their first berries at the moment – it’s weird to see them growing out of the finished flowers.  My first fuschia flower is out and looking pretty, and my sweet peas are growing like mad things.  My cucumber plant has little tiny cucumbers on it, though I can’t see anything on my courgette yet.  I also scored some spinach plants at work last week that are looking promising too.   Can’t wait til I can harvest.  :)


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