Another great (and soggy) british long weekend…

So, after my birthday last week I had 3 days off. Didn’t do anything exciting, really, just the usual pondering and procrastinating. :) Except!

Wednesday I was taken on a day trip to Tunbridge Wells, to a day-spa run by Christine’s dad, to be treated to my first ever facial! I had no idea what to expect, and some of the products didn’t like my skin. There was one masky creamy thing that just made my face sting like I’d fallen face-first into stinging nettles and, although it was speedily removed, it sort of put a downer on the experience. I kept waiting for the next gunk to start reacting to me! The beautician lass said she’d never come across that before. All I can say is that perhaps, in my facial virginity, I didn’t know that the products supposed to sting – but, if they ARE supposed to sting, it would be a bloody uncomfortable way to get glowing skin! However almost a week later and my face still feels smooth as silk, so in that regard it was entirely worth it! Thanks ladies for the strange (and stingy) experience!

Friday evening I went with Christine to see Pirates 3. Now, I can tell ya, make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand becasue this is a long movie. Like the first one, though, you only really realise how long it is when you think about all the different ends to be tied up. Oh, and make sure you stay til the end of the closing credits – there’s another scene on the end.

But overall it’s on a par with the first, and classic, Pirates. Depp is in fine form once again, and is given the chance to bring out a few more of Jack’s wonderful eccentricities – which he does brilliantly. Knightly just seems to be looking moody a lot of the time, Bloom likewise. The dialogue and the main story is centred around Jack, Davy Jones, Barbossa and Tia the voodoo queen. Geoffrey Rush shines once again as Barbossa, and you actually start liking the guy. Chow Yun-Fat makes a brilliant Singaporean pirate king, and the long-awaited debut from Keith (Keef) Richards is pretty fine, although not what I expected!

A fine ending (or is it!) to the series, and will definitely boost Disney’s DVD sales again. Apparently it was beaten by Spiderman 3 in the ‘biggest first weekend’ competition. Can’t comment. I lost interest after the first Spidey. Can’t really stand Mary-Jane’s simpering.

Over the weekend I also went to the monthly warehouse booksale, but only spent about £10 this time. Picked up Fatal Storm about the disasterous 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race. 115 boats of all sizes left Sydney Harbor on Boxing Day ’98 expecting rough weather, ­­but the gale that caught the boats well at sea in the early hours of December 27 was anything but routine. The freak ‘cyclone-bomb‘ storm brought hurricane-strength winds, waves six stories high and the worst sailing disaster in recent history. Seven boats were abandoned at sea and five sank. Fifty-seven sailors were rescued by helicopters, local trawlers and the Navy. Six sailors died. It’s funny, but that was the year before I came to the UK, so I should remember this – but I don’t. I don’t remember anything about it. The Sydney to Hobart is just one of those things that’s on, that we listen to and monitor, then forget all about. But this book, I have to say, I couldn’t put down. I stayed up til daylight reading it, slept briefly, then finished the final few chapters when I woke. A fine read, and really scary imagery of nature at its worst. And what some of these guys went through whilst holding on to be rescued… bloody scary.

So finished that, and reached for the next one of my lucky finds at the bookhouse, The Dig Tree. Just started reading this one, so can’t say much yet, but looks very interesting indeed. There’s always been a certain amount of mystery around the ill-fated Burke & Wills expedition into Australia’s Dead Heart, and I hope this book doesn’t shatter my illusions! But I’ll let you know how it goes.

And it’s a damn good thing I had things to read, because the weather once again has pulled out all the stops in celebration of the long weekend. It’s bucketing down, windy, and about 7deg. Bloody weather! It’s the end of bloody May and I’ve had to turn my central heating on again! GRRR! But on the plus side, all my vegetables have flowers on them now, and I noticed my first tomatoes of the season which are, at the moment, about the size of a small grape – but they’re growing fast! My cucumber is about the size of a paperclip, but it’s growing too! Won’t be long now til I’m scoffing my very own fresh organic veges!

Back at work today, and boss bought me back (at my request) from his trip to the USA last week, my new MP3 player! My brifdy present to myself. Cause the exchange rate is so cool at the moment it was essentially half price! It’s a Creative Zen V+ and it is teeny-tiny! It can do music, pictures and video, and even has an FM radio so I can listen to the cricket! WhooHoo! I’m in the process of getting it setup now, and will endeavour to get my music put on asap.


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