Salzburg – Day 1 Part 2

On the way to the Sound of Music Tour bus was the Mirabell Palace and gardens. These gardens were used in Sound of Music (SoM) for the Do-Re-Mi song, and they were just as filmed! The Pegasus fountain, the covered archway, the statues with their arms out – it was all there! Made me smile and Christine cringed a little. :)

On the bus for the SoM tour our guide was Pieter, an Austrian who seems to have learned English with an American accent! But he’s highly amusing, telling history, stories, jokes about Salzburg and the SoM in it. The bus first headed to the Leopoldskron Palace on the lake. We couldn’t get closer to it, because it’s all walled off and now being run as a conference facility. Pieter explained that only the view from the house to the lake was used in the film – the shots of the back of the house were a different location all together! Told tales of the ‘falling out of the boat’ scene and Gretl nearly drowning. Explained that the gazebo was situated on the left side of the house, but too many people were jumping the wall to look at it, so they moved it to Hellbrunn. Took some photos, including these ‘uns :)

leopold.jpg leo2.jpg

Back on the bus, we headed for Hellbrunn. We didn’t go into the house itself, but the gazebo is in the gardens. It’s locked now, which is a shame, but apparently everyone wanted to go in and dance about – and when a 90yo woman fell off the seats and broke her hips whilst trying to dance across, they locked the doors permanently.

hellbrunn.jpg gazebo2.jpg lake.jpg

We saw the front of the Von Trapp house, but it’s on a private road so we couldn’t get very close. Leading up to the big house is the tree-lined avenue where the children were tree-climbing. Back on the bus we headed out of the city and up into the mountains. The first lake we went to, 7 miles long, was beautifully stunning. Such incredible scenery here! Stopped off to go on a ride kinda like those at Jamberoo Park at home – the sled thingy on the metal track – which the Austrians seem to love.

From there went to Monsee, to see the church where Maria and Baron Von Trapp wed. More gorgeousness! From there, headed back to Salzburg for the end of the tour.

Got off the bus and went straight to the Mirabell Palace gardens to see the Pegasus Fountain etc.. more loveliness bursting out all over the place.. *sigh* :)

6pm-ish. Back to the hotel to check in (finally!) and clean ourselves up before heading out to our Mozart Dinner Concert which was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had. Seriously. Sitting about 4 feet from a chamber orchestra, having opera singers standing in front of me. Wonderful food cooked to 18th century recipes; lemon soup (lemon, white wine, cream, cinnamon and cress! YUMMY!), a chicken-y thing, and frozen honey parfait for desert. It all tasted fantastic. The musicians were so good, I bought the CD of the show.

We were seated with an Aussie couple (what are the chances!) who are retired and on a 6 month tour of Europe. They’d just spent a month in Greece, then rented a car and were driving around Europe. Lovely couple, good conversation all night. Fab food, brilliant music, great company, lots of alcohol (I spent EURO48 on wine!! – I was quite wobbly on leaving!) A fatastic night that I won’t ever forget.

Headed back to the hotel and pretty much passed out! It was now about 23:30, and we’d been up since 04:00. Slept the sleep of the dead – I don’t think I moved all night.

(to be continued)



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