Tuesday. Bah humbug.

Feeling dodgy today. Tired. Listless. My head just feels very light.

It’s Tuesday. We’re supposed to get home broadband connected today. Work pays for it because Mark is supposed to have 24h access to the network. We’ll see how long it actually takes to get connected…

Got a call from the dermatologists office yesterday, asking me if I was waiting for a procedure. Yes, said I, and I was starting to get worried because it’s been a good 6 months since my appointment. Right, says they, we’ll book you in for next Monday. So next Monday at 10am I’ll be having 2 moles on my leg removed.

That’s the sorry state of the NHS – I’ve had to wait 6mths for a 15min procedure. GP’s aren’t allowed to remove moles anymore, it must be done by a dermatologist in hospital. So I wait. Good thing I’m not malignant.

Might end up going home today. Just feeling really really blah. Almost fell asleep at my desk yesterday. Had to go and get a cup of Earl Grey, which I haven’t had for about 18mths since I’m off caffeine, I only really drink fruit teas now. The tea woke me up enough to last the day, but I’m still feeling dodgy today. I guess I’ll see how I go.

Happy Tuesday.


About Miss J

Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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