A scar is born…

Had a quiet weekend – or was heading for a quiet weekend, when Christine called on Sunday morning and asked if I wanted to go to a Pink Floyd tribute show that evening. Sure, says I – being a Floyd-o-phile – what time?

I met with Christine, Anne and friend Di for the Littlebury Music Festival, an annual event in a field in Littlebury (a few villages over from mine). Looking at the programme, there were to be 7 acts and the Pink Floyd-y one was last, close to 10pm.

All was good, except I didn’t realise that this thing was in a field, I didn’t have a warm coat or appropriate shoes on, so I dashed home to get solid footwear and a coat, and something to munch on. About 30mins later (6:45??) it started raining. Thank god Christine suggested to pickup my big plastic red poncho-thingy! It didn’t stop the music, in their terribly British way they soldiered on, but it definitely put a dampener on my parade. I didn’t want to drink because I was having anaesthetics next morning, and I think the non-drinking made me a bit paranoid – everyone seemed to be having fun but me. I made it to 8pm (still raining) and then thought to myself that I could be sitting in a nice warm house, cat-cuddling, with a nice cup of tea. I couldn’t imagine myself sitting in the rain with my great red poncho on for another 2 hours, so I gave up – I made my apologies and went home.

Monday morning I headed off to the Dermatology Clinic of the local hospital to have my suspicious moles removed from my left thigh. I was a little freaked, I’ve only had local anaesthetic once in my 35 years – when I was 10 or so I had a wart cut off my elbow. But I can’t remember the feel of it, and I definitely didn’t get any stitches, so I was a bit twitchy. (Yes, I’ve reached 35yo and never broken a bone or been in hospital for anyting nastier than wisdom teeth. What can I say? I must lead a charmed life :) ) And when the doc jabbed in the local, goddamn that hurt! I tell ya, local anaesthetic hurts worse than being tattooed!! The doc didn’t believe me when I told her, but there it is. It definitely hurts worse than being tattooed. And then I blissfully didn’t feel a thing. I couldn’t watch, though – seeing, but not feeling, something cutting my skin would have been a bit too freaky.

I now have two less moles but 5 stitches in my leg, which are a little uncomfortable because of the awkward places they are in. One was next to my knee, on the bit of leg that bends so the skin stretches with my leg movement and pulls at the stitch. The other was on the front of my thigh, right where you put things on your lap when sitting… 4 stitches there.

footloose and melanoma-free!

Stitches to stay in for 10 days and then out at my local GP’s. But boss came in this morning and said “don’t worry about that, we’ll take them out here!” Scared now! Not a ideal situation, but I do work in a lab environment, and they would have all the equipment… Nah – GP please.

So once again it’s Tuesday.


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Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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