Have to say, it’s quite a strange feeling to see parts of yourself sewn up with bright blue fishing line. To think that if the fishing line wasn’t there I’d have (almost) gaping holes. It’s quite a strange sensation to have stitches… And just when I get sort of used to it, after 10 days, they’ll be taken out.. Strange indeed. And the main chunk of four stitches is right on that part of my leg that I bang against things. I’ve squealed in pain a few times today by accidentally banging it against the side of my desk. You don’t realise how often you bump your body parts against inanimate objects (that sounds quite rude, doesn’t it?) until your body is injured.

But onto the purpose of this post. My good people, I want to warn you. I was unlucky enough to see BORAT recently and I really wish I hadn’t. I don’t need to see Sasha Baron-Cohen taking major piss out of a country that many people don’t even know exists. I don’t need to see Borat taking the piss out of people who can’t see that it’s all a big joke. I definitely don’t need to see images of Baron-Cohen nude wrestling a large hirsute Kazak, or wearing his day-glo green crotch-hugging swimsuit. I just don’t.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Because there was a big fuss when this film came out, and some of the fuss is still going on. Some people, unsurprisingly, don’t like the way they were portrayed in the film. Watching it was bordering on painful, and some bits were so painful they were fast-forwarded. You know Borat is a comedy character and you can see him scrabbling to made the scene funnier or to drag it out. But it’s not funny. I didn’t laugh once. And I consider myself a pretty humorous person. And it’s not a case of me being a girl and not getting the joke. My male roommate loved the first 10mins and then left the room and didn’t return.

I gave up and started reading my book, and just left it on in the background. Then came the nasty nude wrestling scene and I turned it off completely. What could have been a good commentary and interesting images (pulling a live hen from his suitcase on the NY subway could have been much more) very soon descended into gutter humour and taking the piss out of people who don’t know they’re objects of ridicule. That’s not funny – it’s just cruel. That’s 65mins of my life I’ll never get back. (It would have been longer but I turned it off in disgust.)

May this film be sent to the special hell – the hell reserved for rapists, child molesters and people who talk in the theatre.

On the flipside, do see Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. Watch Jack Black and Kyle Gass go from buskers to megastars. Yes, of course it had it’s gutter moments, but cameos from Meatloaf (Jack’s dad), Tim Robbins (creepy muso guy), Ronnie James Dio (as himself) and Dave Grohl as the devil are scene-stealers and the soundtrack’s pretty darn cool too… Made me laugh once or twice, but I smiled throughout – for Jack Black, for all his faults, is entirely watchable with a pretty damn fine voice. If you want to know the plot, think of the D’s song Tribute with a bit of backstory – and the addition of the fabled Pick of Destiny, a guitar pick made from the devil’s tooth from which stems all rock-godness… Entirely tongue-in-cheek, but no-one does it like the D.

Worth watching purely for the D’s version of the THX surround sound bit at the beginning … :)


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