200 posts!!

This post makes 200 posts Adrift in the ether-web!


Some days, you know, I never thought I’d be able to keep this up. But it’s really nice now to say that I’ve kept with this… I know I’ve got some way to go yet, and I’m still learning, but it’s a milestone I wanted to celebrate…

And what a news day to have my 200th post on! By 1:30pm today Tony Blair will no longer be Britain’s Prime Minister. The job, the house and the glory will pass to that smarmy one – former Chancellor Gordon Brown. He’s been practicing his sleazy grin for a while now, it’s nice for him that he finally gets to take it somewhere. Meanwhile I’m having flashbacks to when former Treasurer Paul Keating became Prime Minister of Australia. Yeah, the budget was fine, but everything else sucked.

I have no idea how the hell it works, but apparently Tony had to resign as Labour Party Leader, which also meant he had to resign as Prime Minister. The Labour party then voted a new leader who instantly becomes Prime Minister (sort of as a lucky door prize, I guess), and Britain gets a leader it didn’t vote for. I don’t know what sort of ancient convoluted laws produced this bizarre system of democracy, but there you go. I haven’t been able to find out if Smarm-master Brown has a time limit before he has to call a general election and an actual elected official takes the top job – it’s difficult finding information on how this whole thing works.

My office mate has just arrived and filled me in on some of it. Apparently Smarmy started feeling pressure when Tony was re-elected (again) and stated to one and all that it would be his last term as PM. Smarmy was scared that if Tony went all the way to a general election that Labour would be voted out and Smarmy’d never get his chance to be PM – so he pressured Tony into giving a date to step down. Now Smarmy gets about 18months to totally unite a country against him before a general election must be held. And it’s a fairly wide view that Labour won’t win, as far as I can gather.

Devious smarmy bugger. Underhanded sleazy ‘dour Scot’. It seriously makes my skin crawl to look at the guy. *sigh* We’ve had the charm with Tony, now we get the flipside…. But I guess he can’tdo toomuch damage in 18months.. Right?

Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton made the cover of Nature science journal last week – he’s causing a storm all over the world! The reason he’s on the cover of the most read science journal in the world? F1 are apparently looking into using bio-fuels. Considering that it’s the most enviromentally damaging sport on the planet (what with the engines buring so much fuel, the massive amounts of equipment and people that have to be transported around the world week to week) it’s really about time motor-sport caught up with world opinion. Can only be a good thing really, since it would definitely increase bio-fule production and exposure – get people thinking about bio-fuels.

In other news, there’s storms and flooding rains all over the world – America, China, Australia, India, Pakistan and the UK. And people still don’t think climate change is real. *virtual head shake* A team of monitors will shortly be allowed inside North Korea’s nuclear reactor. Russia is calling for volunteers for a simulated human trip to Mars, where they get to spend 17months in a deprivation tank. They must be beating them off with a stick. Still in space, a ‘asteroid-hopping’ ship will be launched on 7 July to check out two dwarf planets, among others. IBM have launched the world’s fastest supercomputer, and Parky is hanging up his clipboard . Oh, and the best one? It seems Germans don’t like scientologists – they’ve stopped Tom Cruise filming! (although a chillingly scary social commentary that Germany takes offence to a particular religion {again!} it’s still right funny that Cruise is finally picked on!)

Oh, and Mum? My stitches are healing just fine – no signs of problems. :)

Happy 200th post, dear readers. Wishing you a lovely day. :)


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