it was only a matter of time…

Spice Girls Reunion Announced

In the wake of the recent and highly publicised musical reunions, (The Police, Take That) it was only a matter of time until the Spice Girls jumped on the bandwagon. They’ve announced a 11 show world tour to accompany a greatest hits album.

Not a great surprise I guess. Especially since none of them have had solo success. Emma Bunton probably came the closest and I actually like bits of her first solo effort Free Me, it had a couple of foot-tappers on it – though I don’t own it. The rest of the girls, however, sort of faded into the kind of notoriety that puts them in the paper for the wrong reasons. Mel C (Sporty) had a drug problem, Geri had a weight problem, Victoria had a slimming / breat enhancement / married a soccer player problem, and Mel B (Scary) is still trying to convince everyone that Eddie Murphy fathered her child.

And I’m not even sure if this qualifies as a proper reunion – since they split only 7 years ago. The young girls (and old men) who loved them so much have hardly had a chance to miss them properly. Makes you wonder who the reunion is for?

It’s rumoured that they’re getting £10M each for the 11 shows. I know Mrs Beckham doesn’t need the money, but the notoriety boost will probably aid her to stop being just Mrs Beckham in America. They care much about fame there. But she still looks like someone’s slapped her with a kipper. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile.

Scary lives in America already, as does Geri (I believe), though I think both are relatively obscure. Emma’s pregnant, though apparently almost due, and Sporty has been trying to boost her career for a while now (new album out I think).

The BBC site is running a poll – should the Spice Girls reform?


Yes, spice up our lives!
No, zig-a-zig-argh!


14542 Votes Cast


60-40. But truly, I don’t think we want to go through all that again – I know I definitely don’t. it was bloody painful enough the first time! Bubble-gum pop has it’s place, children’s television and the Eurovision Song Contest, but I really don’t think we deserve another Spice Girls tour. We really don’t. Yes, we’ve been bad – but we haven’t done anything evil enough to justify this sort of punishment.

Now we’ve got to sit through 6 months of ‘warm-up’ publicity until the tour starts.



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