Scars, books, shoes and Dr Who!

Just back from the medical centre, stitch free! WhooHoo! I can scratch again!! The scars are healing up nicely – one of them has a pucker in it, but I guess this’ll go down over time. The other one, the one with 4 stitches that was hell itchy over the last few days, looks like a proper scar and the stitches have left these little red imprints on either side. I’m really really glad they’re out. Over the weekend I quite forgot the stitches were in and went to scratch as normal – OW! But all good now and I should scar up lovely. :)

Quiet weekend. Went to the Book Sale on Saturday and came back with 21 books for £21! I was starting to fret with nothing to read – really glad that’s sorted out. Included in them is a coffee table book of Michael Palin’s Hemmingway Adventure, a biography of the world’s first surgeon, a George Harrison biography (always was my fave Beatle), We of the Never Never (which I’ve never-never read), travel stories from Spain, China and India, book three of the Kate Forsyth fantasy series that I was looking for, another Alexander Kent, and The Australian Miscellany which is full of interesting but totally useless trivia about home.

And since it’s Summer Sale time, the ladies and I are going to the shoe superstore on Friday – leaving work early and driving for an hour just to buy shoes… ah, it’s sometimes a little scary – I’m scared I’m turning less and less tomboy in my old age – but lots of fun!

On Sat night BBC showed the last episode in Series 3 of Dr Who – and what a fantastic show! David Tennant is the best Dr since Tom Baker (he of the long scarf) – he’s witty, funny, brilliant and quite cute too. :) The final episode tied up some loose ends and left others undone, but the final revelation is one for the books! I won’t tell you, because I don’t even know if the series has started in Oz, but it’s very much worth watching! Martha Jones is a great character, I really enjoyed watching her. Rose always seemed too ‘thick’ to me (or maybe that’s a reflex reaction to Billie Piper!). Martha’s got common sense and stays cool in a crisis. Oh, and Captain Jack Harkness makes a welcome return, and we learn some more of his story. Another great character. And John Simm is brilliant! But I’ll leave it there… :) If you want to cheat, there’s an episode guide on the BBC site.

Heard on the news this morning that Kylie Minogue will be appearing in the Dr Who X-moose special as a waitress aboard the Titanic! (Cynical moment – can anyone say ‘bandwagon’?) Shouldn’t be cynical – but I’ve got 6 months to wait for another Dr Who fix, and I’m feeling the pressure!

Sunday was French Grand Prix day – and it was a good race, though not as exciting as some of the others. Lewis Hamilton continued his ‘finish every race on the podium’ quest, finishing 3rd after Raikonnen and Massa. Alonso is now way behind in the championship table after a terrible race – he spent most of it trying to get past Nick Heidfeld and finished a disappointing 7th.  Oh, and it looks like Honda have finally got their asses in gear – Button finished 5th, which is the highest Honda place so far this year, and Barichello also finished the race!  Two finishes!  Go Honda!

Miguel has started a new TaeKwonDo class on Monday evenings, which I can attend! Yay! Classes starting at 4pm were ot working for me – I can’t pickup and put down my job like the scientists can. My work comes from boss, and it’s always about 3:30 he has a panic about what little we’ve achieved and goes for a frantic push – so I had to stop going twice weekly. But now I’m stitch free I can start the evening classes!

We (the ladies) have been discussing our next trip, which will be in October for Sarah’s birfdy so it’s her choice of destination, and she’s talking about Berlin. So a trip to Berlin might be on the cards, which would be very interesting.

Oh, we still don’t have broadband at home yet – BT are bloody hopeless. The line has been in for 3 weeks now and they still haven’t turned the bloody thing on. Bastards.

And that’s about it – all the news that’s fit to print. Happy Tuesday. :)


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Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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