been in a reflective mood of late, hence no blog-posts for a bit. I don’t know, just seems like I didn’t have much to say…

Sort of over it, or trying hard to be over it, but I wanted to tell you about 2 big things coming up next week…

Firstly, next Wed I’m going up in a glider! Yep! It’s a part of work’s social club thingy, for £20 I get to go up (and come down again) in a glider and a bbq feast afterwards. very much looking forward to it, something I’ve wanted to do for ages. And thanks to a deal with Cambridge Gliding Club, I can!

And the second exciting thing is that me & the girls are going to see Buena Vista Social Club in an outdoor picnic concert at Audley End House next weekend. BVSC is a bunch of highly acclaimed septegenerian musos from Cuba who do latin music brilliantly – the way it’s supposed to be. If you haven’t seen the film, run out and do so immediately! And I dare you not to tap your feet… :)

Going to be a damn good week next week. If only the bloody weather would co-operate. But no, more rain is forecast… Just hope it holds out long enough…

Oh, the shoe shopping trip with the girls was a bit of a letdown – the shoe superstore wasn’t.  Just wasn’t.  Went to Lakeside Mall instead and picked up a nice pair of shoes, which I haven’t yet worn, but they’re lovely. :)  Also got a new bag which I’m loving.  (That sounds so damn girly, I’m kind of ashamed of myself!)

Saw a couple of DVD’s last night – The Prestige and Stranger Than Fiction. Was impressed with The Prestige, although the twist was one I didn’t even consider, and hence was a bit dubious about. Stranger Than Fiction had it’s good bits and it’s bad bits, but left on a good note. I’d give Prestige 4 stars and Stranger 3 stars. Got A Scanner Darkly to watch tonight – should be interesting, and I usually like Phillip K. Dick movies…

Oh, and spoke to Mum yesterday – she said that Pasha Bulka has been pulled off Nobby’s beach. Took them 3 nights apparently, but it’s gone. So there to the skeptics who said it couldn’t be done! :) Although I sort of think they should have just emptied the fuel out of it and left it there as a kind of monument to the sea… Nah – what am I thinking? They’d never allow a ‘rotting hulk’ to pollute the ‘pristine’ Oz beaches – despite sewage outflow pipes and all sorts of garbage washed down drains….

I guess the optimism is gone then. Oh well – it’ll be back, I’m sure.


About Miss J

Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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2 Responses to optimism

  1. Jan says:

    Hi Jane, I went up in a glider for one hour for my 50th! It was the best experience I have ever had! Enjoy, you will want more. Love Jan

  2. cloudburst says:

    I’m looking forward to it, and hoping that I don’t get airsick! Those flight simulator thingys make me sick.. I have to shut my eyes…

    Still, quite excited to give it a go..
    Miss you – love to all. x

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