Harry Potter 5 – the verdict of the film of the book

Went with Begonia to see Harry 5 last night, and have to say that I left the cinema slightly disappointed.
Or maybe disappointed isn’t the right word – but there was a general feeling of disquiet among the cinema-goers sharing my showing, none of the noise and bustle and happiness that accompanied the exit at previous Harry films.

Boss just walked in, and he saw it on the weekend too with his 11yo child. He said that Harry showed most of the symptoms of your classic delusional schizophrenic behaviour! Just what you need at a family movie!

It’s most definitely a darker film than it’s predecessors, to go along with No5 being the much darker book. The film’s lighting reflects that – as the only truly brightly lit scenes are the magic battles and the DA training room. Almost all other shots are darkly lit and muted.

There are also flashback sequences, where we get the fun of comparing just how young Radcliffe was for the first film. But truly, there is a difference in Harry since we’ve seen him onstage naked in Equus, blinding horses with a hoofpick. I don’t know if it’s that he’s not believeable as Harry anymore, or that he has grown up. He certainly seems to have hit puberty in this film – complete with angry-young-man moments, snogging, tantrums and general ranty behavour.

The special effects were fab – truly fab. As impressive as anything seen before, and the magic battle sequences have a fluidity and grace not seen previously. Apparently they brought in choreographers to add some flavour to wand movements.

On the bad side there’s not much story about the Order, almost nothing on it’s members and some characters pop up who, it seems, have no name – or at least nothing explained in the film. Also the whole sub-story with the Order’s house-elf is missing, and you don’t get any sense of the loneliness of the place projected in the book.

All in all – not a bad watch. You see young Harry growing up and more nervous, distracted, vulnerable and (as boss says) delusional than any other film and it nicely sets up the feeling for Book 6 – The Half-Blood Prince.

Verdict: Go see it, but don’t expect to see the joyous side of magic….


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