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OK – firstly a catchup on the couple of new films I saw recently… Ocean’s 13 and Hairspray.

Went to see Ocean’s 13 at Saffron Walden Cinema with Mark, first time I’ve been there. Very clever, a cinema in a high school. The film was brilliant – they got right back to the joy of the first in the trilogy, and I was giggling throughout. And as the credits rolled Mark said “Cool! But now I’ve got to see it again to pickup on everything.” It’s that kind of film, lots of twists and turns and little hints.. Go see it while you can – most definitely worth a watch.

Then the very next night saw Hairspray with Sarah and Pim in Cambridge. Now, I remember seeing the original John Waters film starring Rikki Lake and Divine some eons ago and wasn’t quite sure of what to make of a remake. Firstly, why would you want to remake it? And secondly, could John Travolta in drag be more fun than Divine? From the first strains of Good Morning Baltimore! from the new Tracy Turnblad, you knew you were in for an eye opening experience. It was a bit more subtle than the Water’s film, the jokes and double entendres were a little toned down to get a family rating, but the musical numbers (of which there were slightly too many) were gloriously overproduced. Proof again that Michelle Pfeiffer can really sing and Christopher Walken can dance. Queen Latifah shone, as usual, and Alison Janney as the uptight mom of Tracy’s pal was perfect! Guest appearances by Rikki Lake and John Waters sealed the deal. John Travolta was brilliant in the normal scenes, and his ‘female’ dancing was wonderful, but I wish he would have attempted to sing in anything other than his normal voice. His songs didn’t work purely because you heard his normal voice way too much – leaving him on the whole a little unbelieveable. Overall – a popcorn film that has a few too many musical numbers, but worth a look if you’re a fan of the original.

Last week I took the week off – a bit of burnout I think. Boss was suffering too and was taking time off – so I thought I should take the chance whilst the office is quiet. And oh lordy I needed it! It was lovely to have a break, nice just not to have to get up in the morning! And rising on time this morning was a challenge.. But I spent the week (in lovely 22deg avg weather) pottering and taking trips in the car. Went to Great Yarmouth, the east coast seaside resort about 80mins drive from my house – and discovered it to be full of $2 shops, those selling the usual seaside tat and ‘rock’ shops. (Rock being the sticks of really hard candy, like sticks of boiled sweet, that are teeth-breakers when you try to crunch them – hence Rock. Logical really.) Wandered down to the sea and got my first ever proof of donkeys on Brit beaches – and they were lovely! But I don’t envy their job, and I kinda don’t agree with it. I know it’s traditional & all but on hot days, like the day I was there, it just seems very unfair.

Pottered about for the rest of the week, little trips not as lengthy driving. I was exhausted when I got back from Yarmouth – driving in the UK is nowhere near as easy, speedy or relaxing as driving in Oz. Or maybe I’m just developing my father’s driving temperament :)

My tomatoes have almost finished, my zucchini and strawberries have finished, but my calla lily has finally stuck it’s head up and is looking lovely! The lavender is out, and the sweetpea that I thought drowned surprised me with one green shoot and a flower! The heather, though, is all brown (not sure if this is supposed to happen to heather in summer, though, so I might leave it in for a bit and see if it comes green again). Went to the nursery last week and got a few more little spathyphillums and a potted gardenia (which are considered indoor plants here!) for the sunniest room in the house, the bathroom. It’s got 4 buds on it – can’t wait til it blooms. And the orchid that Nell got me for my birthday in May is on it’s last flower – 12 weeks after it arrived! Oh, I like flowers that last for 12 weeks! :) So I’ve been reading up on how to care for it and trying to do everything right.


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