in 63 questions…

Since it’s Friday, and I’ve had a pretty shitty week, I’m going to cop out a little and use this meme sent to me this morning by Nell as today’s post.

1. What was the highlight of your week?
Buying a new PS2 game – Drakengard – yesterday. Pretty cool.

2. Who’s car were you in last?

3. When is the next time you will kiss someone?
That’s like trying to predict when it will snow in Cambridge.

4. What color shirt are you wearing?
White shirt, black cardy

5. How long is your hair?
about 3 inches past my shoulders – and v fluffy today.

6. Last movie you watched?
At the movies – Hairspray. At home – The Specialist last night on tv.

7. Last thing you ate?
2 honey crumpets for breakfast

8. Last thing you drank?
peppermint tea

9. Where did you sleep last night?
in my bed

10. Are you happy right now?
it’s Friday, but it’s not been a good week – and I woke this morning with an irritated eye – so… no. Not really.

11. What did you say last?
OK – I’ll get that prelim app form in the folder for you. (to boss)

12. Where is your phone?
mobile is in my handbag under the desk, landline on the desk.

13. What was the last museum you went to?
Mozart’s house in Salzburg :)

14. What color are your eyes?

15. Who came over last?
one of my flatmate’s friends

17. Who/what do you hate/dislike currently?
America for giving mortgages to people who can’t afford them – thereby causing a global stock meltdown and pension fund problems for most of the planet.

18. What are you listening to?

19. If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
ooh – let me think about this one. A day off. No. World peace. Too general. I know, a decent UK summer with some sunshine and a little heat. (it’s warmer at the moment in Australia in the middle of winter than it is here in the middle of summer) It’s the middle of August, dammit, and I’ve got 3 layers on!

20. What is your favorite smell?
The ozone smell after rain – but you only get it here in the UK after a (very rare) thunderstorm. I smell it more when I go home on holidays.

21. Who makes you the happiest right now?
My cat can always make me laugh, no matter how shitty I’m feeling. bless ‘im.

22. What were you doing at midnight last night?
trying to sleep

23. Are you left-handed?

24. What’s for dinner tonight?
I’ve a lovely bit of salmon – baked with a little olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, black pepper and spring onion. Some new potatoes on the side. I eat pretty well.

25. What is the last alcoholic beverage you had?
that would be a Pimms when my flatmate took me out to dinner last week. I don’t drink much.

26. When Is Your Birthday?
22 May.

27. Who was the last person to send you a text message?
those lovely bastards at Vodaphone.

28.When is that last time you were in a swimming pool?
I honestly can’t remember. Not in the UK, that’s for sure.

29. Where was the last place you went shopping?
Great Yarmouth – bought some rock and a magnet for the fridge.

30. How do you feel about your hair right now?
fairly good hair day today.

31. Do you have any expensive jewelery?
I have a lovely big piece of amber (a teardrop half the size of your thumb) that I got in Stockholm for a pittance, a couple of nice watches..

32. AIM or MSN?

33. Where does most of your family live?

34. Are you an only child?
No – 3 brothers. 1 older, two younger.

35. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
in the sense that I got stuff cause I’m the only girl, yes. In the bitchy sense, no. I always had to share everything.

36. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
Thank f—. Friday.

37. Do you drink beer?

38. Myspace or Facebook?

39. Do you have T-Mobile?

40. What was your favorite subject in school?
Modern history. Gotta love any subject that lets you watch Monty Python movies! (teacher was trying to illustrate feudal political structures, so we got to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail :)

41. What type of boy/girl do you usually fall for?
the typical tall, dark, handsome – but add long(er) hair and a little ‘bad’ and I’m definitely hooked.

42.Do you have any talents?
I’m an organisational / logisitical god. And I have an amazing ability to fade into the background.  (Yes, I’m down today.)

43. Have you ever been IN a wedding?
once. didn’t like the experience.

44. Do you have any children?
no. unless you count the cat.

45. Did you take a nap today?
it’s 10:17 am, so no.

46. Ever met someone famous?
Quite a few.. Mick Jones from The Clash was the biggest. Lots and lots of assorted musos over the years, Ben Elton, Terry Pratchett, David Gemmell, quite a few authors, some renowned scientists…

47. Do you want to be famous one day?
known in name, but not in face. Like a great inventor or author – you know the name but not the face. I like being anonymous. But I’d like to do something memorable, something that will live on..

48. Are you multitasking right now?

49. could you handle being in the military?

50. What is your average cell phone bill?
low – v low. The mobile is for family communications and texts mainly.

51. Do you believe in karma?
oh yeah – you definitely get back what you put out there.. but mine’s been a bit slow lately…

52. Ever been to Las Vegas?
no. no desire to go.

53. What are you doing today?
working, phaffing about, dodging as much work as possible (had a rough week)

54. Have you ever been gambling?
yep – greyhounds, poker machines, slot machines, geegees.. never bet much and never more than I can afford to lose.

55. When is the last time you updated your blog?

56. Have you been to New York City?
no. don’t really want to – modern cities are pretty dull. I prefer some history/beauty in my cities. As Marty Willson-Piper puts it so well:- “I cannot greet new buildings, I lust after the ancient”.

57. Ever been to Disneyland/world?
no – don’t really want to

58. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
Hong Kong Phooey. Dangermouse. Kim Possible is pretty cool. Oh, and Avatar: The legend of Ang is pretty cool too.

59. Last thing you cooked?
my special fried rice

60. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
buy one??

61. Last time you were sick?
Throw up? the day after Nell’s wedding (bloody free grog) Fever & feeling poorly? two weeks ago.

63. Tattoos / Piercings?
5 tattoos and working on design for no 6. 3 earings in each ear.

so there you have it.

Happy Friday.


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