friday – with crap weather. again.

Weather’s crap once again, and once again I suffer with Monica hair. sigh. Another cross I have to bear. I am honestly sick of having big fluffy hair, frizzed to a copper coloured afro by the weather. Blast it. Whomever said ‘it can’t rain all the time’ should be bloody tied down outside and forced to bear the summer we’ve had. I mean, it’s August and people have turned their central heating on!

Having a dodgy day today after such a good-happy day yesterday. It all started this morning when I couldn’t open my bloody front door! I’ve got a solid teak door, seriously about 2 inches thick with another teak plank across the back, and the wood warps and twists in the weather and sticks at the bottom – so the top of the door will come open easily, but the bottom needs a kick when you open it from the outside. It got so bad though that this morning when leaving for work that I almost ripped my fingernails clean off trying to pull the fucking thing open from the inside. I was yelling, swearing, in pain, and trying to lift a fucking solid teak door up ever so slightly so the bottom would come clear. Gotta screw a handle on the back, grabbing the mail-slot just doesn’t give enough leverage. I’m not strong enough to lift the bloody thing without leverage.

And I’ve got to varnish the blasted thing again too. Apparently the 6 coats I put on both sides of it when it was put in 2 years ago aren’t enough, and the varnish on the bottom of the door is cracked and peeling. Bought some stuff to do it again, sandpaper, industrial strength varnish etc, and since the weather is supposed to be somewhat decent this weekend (almost unheard of for a UK Long Weekend in my experience!) I’ll give it a going over again.

There’s also supposed to be a little man at my house this afternoon to strip and repaint my front windows and sills, which are in a sorry state. The landlord has given me permission to get it done, and I’ve been waiting since MAY for the fucking weather to clear up enough to do it. Gives you an idea of how many days of consecutive sunshine we’ve had this summer. Anyway, Barry the handy-dude is supposed to be doing my front windows today and tomorrow. I told him I’d believe it when I saw it, and from looking outside at the moment, (overcast & grey, foggy, moist) I don’t think he’ll be doing anything today. Idea – perhaps Barry can plane a bit off the bottom of the door for me? But might not be able to without taking the bloody thing off… and it took a carpenter 81/2 hrs to hang the bastard in the first place! I’ll ask though.

Going out tonight though to see the new Bourne film – The Bourne Ultimatum. Going with Sarah & Pim again, then back to their house to play Wii. Looking forward to it… wanted to see the film for a while now, and Wii is always fun.

Oh, and Christine is back from her Asia trip! See, the jammy git won £3000 worth of travel in a newspaper competition, and she spent it on a 3 week trip from Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-siberian, with stops in Mongolia and Siberia, and 4 days in Beijing at the end. She flew out on the 5th and got back last night, sounding exhausted but still bouncy as all get out. Apparently she had a wonderful time, and got sunburnt in Siberia! Now there’s a story for the grandkids! :) But I’ll be catching up with her on the weekend too.

Did some baking recently – found a lovely recipe for banana muffins that I tried out and, despite my forgetting the buttermilk, they were lovely! I’ve been searching & found a blueberry muffin recipe to try next… Might do some more baking on the weekend…

Anyway, later gators. have a fun long-weekend, and pray to your chosen deity for sunshine.


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Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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