sit, brain, sit. good brain.

Went to my neurologist appt this morning. So I don’t keep you in suspense – he said that I have ‘chronic migraine’ and a combination of the drugs I’m already on and physiotherapy on my neck should help. Which is good – and all but the cost of the prescription drugs are covered by medical insurance.

Very nice guy, and was very impressed when I told him who I worked for. He called Boss ‘a neuroscience god doing some very impressive work’. Cool. :) It’s nice to get verification that you’re involved in something worthwhile. Even nicer to know that my neurologist keeps up with his journals!

Anyway, I was talking to him for a good 30mins, and he did a few simple tests – balance, reflexes, eye movement etc – and when he looked into my eyes with the bright-light-thingy (opthalmascope??) he said that he could see the optic nerve pulsing with my heartbeat, which is a sure sign that there is no tumor and that this is nothing that serious. Phew! He was really good, answered all my questions and listened to me properly. I’m really glad I got to see him, even if it was only to be reassured.

So he’s going to refer me to physiotherapy to give that a try – he said I’d know after one or two sessions if it’s working or not. Which is probably a good thing. I damaged my neck a bit some (ok, many) years ago by falling asleep at a friends house wearing a scarf, after a big night out. It did something to my neck muscles, and I remember for a while afterwards I couldn’t turn my head. There were hot water bottles, muscle relaxants, and massage – and it still gets tight now and again. If that’s the cause of my headaches then it’s manageable.

So – stay on the drugs from my GP, though he told me how to treat them, and physiotherapy. Lets see if that sorts it out.

I hope so. Mum’s other theory for the cause was early-onset menopause! Bloody hell I hope the physio works! (She always knows how to make me feel better, my mum!:)

But a good meeting and a good plan. Let you know how it goes.

Oh, finally caved and bought myself a new mobile. Silver Motorola Razr V3. Swishy, and cool indeed! Been thinking about it for a while now and never caved, but Tesco had a really good deal, one that I couldn’t resist. :)

Of to Sarah & Pim’s tonight for more Wii. I’m really liking that console. And good on Nintendo for making kids move about. I’ve kicked ass playing tennis, Find Mii and Fishing. Hope to beat ’em again tonight over some nasi-goreng and a few glasses of wine. :)

Later, gators.


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