sorry – it’s been ages…

I haven’t updated for a while – not quite sure why, so I don’t have a really good excuse.  I wasn’t kidnapped by aliens for 3 days.  I wasn’t wounded in a bunfight in the local tearooms.  I don’t have temporary paralysis or amnesia or any of the other millionis of infinitely valid excuses.  I just haven’t updated for a while.

To fill you in, there’s been a bit going on.

I’ve got stitches in my leg again.  Last time my biopsies were done by a junior doctor.  My consultant is worried that she didn’t get it all, so he took another chunk of skin off, leaving me with 2 sub-cutaneous disolve-able stitches and 4 in the skin which will have to be taken out in 10 days. The stitches are on the outside of my leg, just above the knee.  It hurt for the first day (Wed 3 Oct) but it feels ok now.  I actually forget they’re there!  I only notice when I bang them on something (which my current desk setup seems extraordinarily suited for! Ow!) or when I pull on them by moving my leg a certain way.  My stitches don’t like stairs, but almost everything else seems fine.  I get to change the dressing today and have my first look at them – I’ve never had disolveable ones before and I’m curious.  Not that I’ll see anything if they’re under the skin, but you know what I’m getting at.

I  got my car fixed.  My 1.3L now sounds like a 1.3L should!  And I got 4 new tyres!  All for less than my original quoted price of £280 just for the exhaust!  WhooHoo!  See, people, it pays to shop around… My car is now almost a joy to drive – it’s really light and responsive, much MUCH less noisy, and I’ve just clicked over to 37,000 miles :)  Next thing is a service & pink slip (called MOT here) before the rego (road tax) is due in January.  Shouls be all fine to pass MOT no problem now she sounds like she should.

Seen Miguel & Begonia a few times, and looked after their hamster when they went to Spain last weekend.  My cat’s afraid of the hamster.   My bloody cat is afraid of a hamster.  (virtual head shake)  (For the aussies among us, a hamster is about half the size of a pet rat, and looks like a big mouse with no tail.  They’re very cute and very soft, and one of their most endearing habits is to stuff their cheeks full of food so their cheeks puff out.  And that’s about it.  You can’t really play with one, they’re too little.) Anyway – my ‘fraidy-cat really is one.  So much for my ‘attack cat’ aspirations.  Disappointing, to say the least.  But it could be worse…

Got a haircut.  Still trying to get the knack of styling it properly.  I’m a bit lazy when it comes to my hair.  And having a distinct lack of sisters to go to for styling and make up advice when I was growing up, I’m not much of a fashion plate.   It’s all I can do to put a bit of lip gloss on, and I dress for comfort and warmth before style.  But I’m liking my new hair.

The weather’s colder now – after a really crappy summer we’re into a chilly autumn already.  The central heating’s been on for a week and it’s only going to get colder now.  Be seeing frost soon.

I’ve discovered I’m exo-thermic.  I need outside heat sources, I can’t keep myself warm.  I need the warmth of the sun or, failing that, a good fan heater.  So in the 14-17deg weather today I’ve got a singlet, long-sleeve T and jumper on over thick jeans, as well as a scarf and my thick winter coat (actually a ski coat) for when I go outside.  People at work laugh at me for having so many layers – then ask to borrow some as the temp drops.

BIG weekend of sport planned this weekend.  Australia V England and NZ V France in the Rugby – what will surely be two damn good matches!  The penultimate race of the 2007 F1 season in China gives Lewis Hamilton his shot at the World Championship.  Oh.  That’s right, hang on.  I’m still pissed about last week’s race when that bastard Vettel ran Mark Webber off the road and cost him a podium!  I was ranting about the house all day!  You stupid prick Vettel!  Don’t get me started, but if you’re an F1 driver, if you’ve reached the pinacle of what’s possible in a career as a race driver, why the hell is it unreasonable to think you’d know how to handle a car??  You watch yourself, Vettel.  Don’t visit Australia in the off season.  And don’t tell me you didn’t know what happened – the TV showed you crying in your helmet!  You knew exactly what you did! *sigh* Bastard.

Oh – and a final bit of good news – I’m sending all my happy thoughts and good wishes to Nick, who’s started his journey to sail single-handed from Europe to Australia.   Enjoy yourself – be safe.

So that’s about it.  All caught up.  If I think of anything you missed, I’ll let you know.   Happy Friday.


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Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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