monday. bah humbug.

Let’s being today with the Rugby World Cup 2007. I’ve been watching each weekend, fairly avidly where Australia are concerned, and watched us almost saunter through our group matches to reach the quarter finals and face England.

Now, the England rugby team are as wishy-washy as your packet of soap flakes. One day they can be brilliant, the next utter crap, and there’s no way to tell which you’ll get until it’s too late. Unfortunately, Australia got the tight, gel-ed England. Their guys just defeated ours with, it seemed, sheer body mass. We looked beated by the half time whistle, truth be told. England were too strong on the day – simple as that.

Now France beating NZ was another shocker! It must have been Underdog Day at the World Cup – that’s all I can think to explain it. I didn’t see the France / NZ match, so I can’t comment any further.

I did, however, watch the Chinese F1 on Sat for Qualifying. And after Hamilton did a near perfect lap, 0.4sec ahead of anyone else and enough to get him pole position, Alonso apparently had a hissy-fit – continuing his quest to be the F1 Diva. He apparently threw his helmet to the ground then broke a door off it’s hinges! Very gentlemanly behaviour indeed! Nice to see Alonso’s got things in perspective. Dude, he’s younger than you and better than you – get over it. Happens to us all. It’s called getting older.

In the race, Hamilton got away well on the greasy track in light rain – which seemed to hamper all the drivers over the course of the 56 laps. The pic above shows Alonso’s risky move into turns 1 & 2, attempting to overtake both Ferrari’s. It didn’t work. Just after this photo was taken, Massa moved in to give Alonso a nudge, and Raikonnen was able to take P2 back. You can see Ralf Schumacher in the background spinning in turn one.

The rain payed havoc with the race strategies, almost everyone having tyre problems as the wrong tyres were chosen for conditions, or the team just let the tyres run down to the canvas, as McLaren did for Lewis Hamilton. Poor guy, to be forced out because your team fell off the ball. Unfair.

But, as we say in the big leagues, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Went to dinner with Miguel & Begonia last night to samples Miguel’s roast lamb – which was mighty good! But the gauntlet has been carelessly tossed into the ring, and now the challenge is on me to prove my mum’s lamb roast is better than his mum’s lamb roast! Ovens at 20 paces! :) Ah, this sould be on an advert somewhere… Truly, though, we gotta stop doing these things on a Sunday night, cause it’s truly a slice of hell getting up Monday morning.

But I think I’ll pickup the gauntlet after the stitches are out of my leg. All is still good – had one shaky moment on the weekend where I bent the wrong way and the stitches pulled and caused sudden sharp pain, but no bleeding and no damage. Just gotta remember the damn things are there!

Happy Monday. I’m in recovery after last night, that’s as chipper as I can be.


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