Invitation to ‘Secret Santa’

I know it’s been bloody ages since I updated, and I promise I’ll get back to normal transmission soon, but HAD to share this.

Every year at work we do the ‘buy-a-present-for-the-person-you-pull-out-of-a-hat’ trick, or Secret Santa for short.  Every year I’ve got someone I don’t really speak to, who I’ve no idea what to buy for, but that’s another problem all together.

The organiser of this years Secret Santa, Louie, sent this email around today.  For those who don’t know, I work in scientific research and we use a hell of a lot of acronyms, including MASC (name of a protein complex involved with learning and memory) and PPID (protein-protein interaction database).

This very clever, very verbose, invitation made me laugh today.

It is crucial to obtain a list of people involved in the Secret Santa program.  Please mail me asap if you want to be included.

After long debate (wherein few sentences were exchanged) and a highly representative poll (n=4), the results are inconclusive as to the manner in which Secret Santa shall be conducted, as well as who shall be involved.

Therefore, we will have to determine a maximal available and securable citizens (MASC) list, preferrably by mail survey (MS).  We can then use the MASC list obtained by MS experiments to construct a person-person interaction database (PPID).  This can be performed in an optimal and apolitical manner using new computational tools derived for this purpose by Brown et al (/F S Digest/ 36:6, 2007).

Assuming that a basal level of interaction exchanges reflecting lab functional interactions are not represented in or PPID, it has been suggested that it would be interesting to perform clustering on the final PPID to ascertain if the lab forms a single connected component, or if multiple functional units exist within the lab environment.  This is an option.

Your promoter of Santa-like deeds (PSD),


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