yes, I’ve got issues. you saying you don’t?

So here we are.  2008.  Bloody hell. 

Before we get into hopes, dreams, plans etc – lets do a quick catchup on outstanding issues due to my blog-tardiness. 

Firstly, my headaches.  Was going to physio, getting acupuncture, but the headaches were still coming.  So bad that in Berlin I went really dizzy & almost fainted stepping off a bus.  Slightly scary moment – I’ve never fainted before.  So after theat episode the physio told me that although the treatment seemed to be having some effect, it wasn’t helping what seemed to be a greater problem than muscles in my neck.  So, back to the neurologist.  Another £220 (thank god for free medical insurance at work!), another trip to the private hospital.  Again, no x-rays or anything done, no tests.  Just a new drug to try – Epilim, which I’ve found out is an anti-epilepsy medication!  I haven’t actually taken any yet – the amitryptiline I was on before makes it hard to wake up in the morning, so I stopped taking those.  And I’m truthfully pretty scared about the Epilim.  I’ve started taking the amitryptiline earlier in the evening, so it wears off before I have to get up, but I’m still scared to take the epilim.  And I’m still getting my headaches. 

On Wednesday this week, supposedly the first day back at work, I got out of bed and almost fell sideways.  For some reason my balance had deserted me, and I was walking with a list to the right.  Showering was an adventure, and I almost fell out of the shower at a few points, before I gave up on work and went back to bed. Slept most of the day and was fine when I woke.  No idea what caused it – no water or pressure in my ears, I’m not missing any toes.  Scared me a little, and my headaches have been pretty much constant since.  Perhaps I should try the Epilim tonight, so I’ve got a weekend morning to deal with any dramas resulting. 

So that’s were we are with the headaches.  I’ve got two meds, an anti-depressant (amitryptiline) and seizure medication (epilim) both of which scare me.  I’ve got such a low low tolerance to drugs I’m scared to take them.  Yes, I’d rather live with the pain.  Pain I can handle.  I can deal with pain.  I’ve no idea how these new drugs are going to affect me – let alone some of the nasty side effects of these things (rashes, weight gain, renal failure!).  I intended to take one whilst on hols over x-moose, but truthfully (and totally unintentionally, really!) forgot.  So maybe tonights the night. *sigh* I’m nervous.

Anyway, didn’t really do much over x-moose.  Trying to save some money for my trip home in March.  Went out with Christine to the sales for an afternoon and picked up a few things.  Went to x-moose dinner at Sarah’s parent’s house with her family – which was pretty good actually.  Food was lovely, the teenage kids were a little obnoxious, but that’s teenagers.  Looked after Miguel & Begonia’s hamster while they went to Spain for x-moose.  They brought me back some spanish ham, chorizo and a big round of sheeps cheese that I love.  Very nice people they are!  And my bloody ‘fraidy-cat is still scared of the hamster!  Other than that, Gabe is fine and still as Gabe as can be. :)

Back at work now, which is OK at the moment cause boss is still away and my office mate has now retired! YAY!  I can have the temperature where I want it, I can listen to my music, I don’t have to hide my confidential stuff, I don’t get people in and out of the office all day – it’s quite lovely really.  But I know it’ll only be a month or so before I start getting frustrated again.  But I’ll wait for the result of the role review thingy that I went through late last year.  Letters with new pay grades and salaries are being issued next week – so we’ll see what that says.

That’s about it for the mo- I’ve rambled long enough.  Wishing you all a happy 2008 and the best wishes of the season. x


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Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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One Response to yes, I’ve got issues. you saying you don’t?

  1. dave says:

    I’ve beeen on Elavil for 20 years for headaches. Works wonderfully. Initially, I was very tired during the day. Then, I started taking it in the morning instead of the evening: Bingo – no more ass dragging.

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