The Hard Way Home

Since travelling to Australia’s been on my mind lately, the topic seems to be coming up more and more.  One of those strange coincidence-y things.  For example, I rang a colleague to setup a meeting for boss, and found out that her boss is going to Australia 3 days before me.  I’ve been thinking about home and seeing people I haven’t seen for ages, and then I get contacted by a mate from high school who I haven’t seen for 20 years!  I tell ya, this trip is fated, mate, FATED!  :)

 Anyway, I was checking out Nick’s progress on his sail home, and he mentioned The Hard Way Home – a blog by Rob who’s riding from Europe to Australia on his motobike…  What an adventure that would be!  It seens he’s taking the scenic rather than speed route, but damn that’d be a good trip!  Check out his tale on his site, link above…

So kudos & respect to Rob, and I hope you catch the bastard – and kudos to Nick, plotting revolution in the Canaries.. Practice your sandcastle building mate, there’s money to be had there!


About Miss J

Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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