where she becomes again enraptured

how do you describe such glorious noise?

Last night we primped and preened and headed out for a 10min drive to Lizotte’s.  Owned by Diesel’s brother, this cabaret venue was fairly small, but the food was lovely (tho the service a bit slow – they did have a full house, and it was a Church gig, so all is forgiven!).  Ate leek & shitake mushroom spring rolls, and chicken so tender and flavourful, YUM!  but my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach, and I couldn’t eat everything :( 

After dinner, Mark Moldre took the stage.  He’s the singer of local band Hitchcocks Regret, and did a lovely acoustic set supported by banjo and slide guitar.  Delicate soulful music, wonderfully melancholy, a good foil to the Church-iness to come.  I’ll be checking out his soon-to-be-released album.

The Church took the stage, and we were immediately stunned by the Grizzly Adams-ness of Marty!  The man’s got himself hair down to there and a full beard!  Steve’s looking fit and healthy, Koppes must’ve tapped into his Eternal Youth potion – he hasn’t changed a bit, and a beanied Tim looked fit and eager.  From the start they exuded a warmth and humility, followed with dry wit that had the place cackling.  Charisma, an infinite watchability, and soundscapes to die for.  How do you describe such glorious noise?  I’m no poet, but imagine putting yourself inside a glistening throbbing bubble of rapture.  Honestly now, I’ve been to a lot of church gigs, I’ve been to lots of Steve and Marty solo gigs and I’ve listened to a hell of a lot of Church over the years.  I have to say that last night was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to – Church or non-Church.  They played for about 90mins and did a wonderfully jazzy version of Reptile, Under the Milky Way was a tad spanish with a definite flamenco vibe, and I’ve never heard Block live, but was blown away.  Really.  I was in bits and pieces and literally had to put muself together after the show.  Also played Unified Field, Grind and Metropolis, and ended the show with Day 5 – and ‘exited quietly’. 

They were rapturously received, a very appreciative audience.  Apparently the gig sold out in record time.  I can honestly and sincerely say that I had a truly fantastic time, and I have some awesome memories – tho the camera didn’t seem to like the place much, the photos I took are a bit dark.  Not to fret –  that gig will be in my head for a long time yet.   Said G’day and thanks heaps to Marty afterwards, he said that they can really get it to come together in the small places, and that he felt very happy about the show.. :)

Got back to Nell’s and chilled for a bit watching the Malasian F1 Grand Prix, and have to say bloody well done to Mark Weber for kicking the stuck-up Spaniard’s ass all over the track!  :)  YEAH BABY!  Raikonnen 1st, Kubica 2nd and Kovaleinen 3rd.  Interesting race, not as good as Australia, but enjoyable. 

Also got a picture message from Scarah – it’s bloody well snowing at home in Cambridge!! Whoo! And I’m in 30deg sunshine!!  WHOOHOO! :)  But those at home have my honest sympathies, and I wish you could be here. :)  In the meantime, tho, I can only say, na na na na na in an obnoxious voice and giggle maniacally :)

Had a good sleep then rose and headed off to Crowne Plaza Terrigal for a breakfast with the rich and famous.  Well, one of them anyway. There’s a show onTV here called The Biggest Loser, where they take teams of the overweight and chllenge them to lose it.  Their weight, not their minds – but sometimes the lines are a bit blurred.  Anyway, one of the trainers on the show, Shannon (?) was also breakfasting, with his arm around some footballers-wife/Double-Bay bimbo who couldn’t be bothered to even lift her feet when she walked.  (one of my pet hates).  He was also loaded down with bacon, sausages and croissants!  For shame!  What sort of example is he setting!?! :)  Nice to see that everyone loses it occasionally.  Restores some faith in the human race.

So today we’re lazing a bit, tho I’ve again dipped my body into the bottle of sunblock, before heading out to the beach this afternoon for a swim before dinner.  again wish you could be here.  photos soon. xx


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Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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  1. Brien Comerford says:

    Thanks for the review Jane. Block is probably a dynamic live song. England is still a great country.

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    could have here on this post. I will be coming back to
    your blog for more soon.

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