where she travels forever (!) and meets again her family, 2

At Dad’s now.  Got here about 7:30pm Thursday, after rising at 6 so I could farewell John before he went out on his school bus run.  Mum & me got to Tamworth airport about 8:30am, and waited around for 30mins or so before check in.  At check in I was told that due to the ridiculously high winds in Sydney the 09:45 flight was delayed until 10:30.  OK, I can understand that.  They’d had an almost hurricane in Melbourne the night before, trees down, buildings damaged, people killed.  So I called Dad, so he wouldn’t be waiting at the train station for 3 hours.  No problem there.  And yes, the plane took off at 10:30, or as close to it as nevermind.  But it didn’t quite sink in that we didn’t see a refueling truck on the tarmac, though I realised that with the wind it was going to be a really pleasant flight and touchdown in Sydney could get a little hairy.

About 45mins into the hour flight, the Capt got on the blower to say that we were diverting to Newcastle – because we didn’t have enough fuel to stay in a holding pattern over Sydney for the hour it would take the controllers there to clear the queue.  Only one of the runways in Sydney was working, and there was starting to be a bit of a parking lot overhead.  So we went to Newcastle, had a lot of fun landing, and sat on the tarmac there (weren’t allowed out of the plane) for 45-50mins whilst we refueled and got a new landing window in Sydney.

Finally landed at 12:40, almost two hours behind schedule.  Can’t blame anyone but the weather, so no point getting in a fuss about it, but was worried about Dad sitting at a train station (with no mobile phone) waiting for me and getting worried when I didn’t show!

Got on the train to Bombaderry 2 hours later than planned, and had to rush my way through baggage claim etc.  Had no lunch because no time, and only a museli bar and a banana to sustain me til I reached Bombaderry (about 3.5 hrs later).  Dad was waiting, and it was damn good to see him!  But I was hungry, so we stopped at Ulladulla for some lovely fish before going on to Narooma.  Got here about 7:15ish and I lasted maybe another hour before falling into bed.

Next morning I was up with the sun, which was good, because Dad and dog were heading out for their morning beach-walk.  First thing in the morning is a lovely time of the day to be on the beach, and after a good hour walking we got home, had breakfast and headed out on mission 1: find a pair of Ugg boots for Christine.  Headed to Tilba Tilba, a lovely little tourist town about 20kms from Narooma, and scored!  Got in the car & headed to Bermagui for lunch.  Were going to go to Bermi Pub, where we went last time, which does good honest food for cheap prices, but it seems to have gone a bit upmarket, and we weren’t up for paying $25 each, so ended up with fish & chips in the picnic spot on the point overlooking Horseshoe Bay.  (I know, fish twice in as many days, but honestly, I so miss Aussie seafood that I could eat it every day!)  Headed back to the house in time for afternoon dog walking and a wee rest in the shade before I cooked dinner for Dad.  He’s 66 and never cooked for himself, and (possibly) thinks it’s a bit pointless to start now!  Anyway, my spag bol got the nod of approval. :)

Haven’t done much at all today.  Morning dog walking, and afternoon walking as well, before bbq dinner of prawns, steak and salad.  YUM!  Jan’s back from her bushwalking adventures tomorrow (she’s been bushwalking all week in Kosiosco Nat Pk, nasty weather and all!) and I’m doing a roast chicken to welcome her.  My chicken’s somewhat legendary (in my own mind, anyway :) so I hope she likes it.

That’s it for now.  Sunday tomorrow.  Swimming and lounging, before going deep sea fishing on a mate’s boat on Monday.  Never been before, quite excited! xx


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Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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