where she drowns some worms (not really) and preps for departure

Tuesday we went to Batemans Bay.  Dad plays lawn bowls, and he had to go do an umpires test at Malua Bay, so Jan & I dropped him off then headed on to Batemans for our errands and some window shopping.  I posted a box of stuff back to myself in Britain so I wouldn’t have to pay excess baggage charges – $96!!  I could have almost got a courier for that!  Dad passed his tests and we’d picked up some lovely prawns and mussels for dinner – so apart from the ridiculous prices for Australia Post, everything was pretty good. 

Yesterday we went fishing.  There were mini-arguments about where we should go.  We both won. :)

Dad likes beach fishing, but me not so much.  Beach fishing isn’t at all interactive – you can’t tell nibbles from surf movements, you just sort of hurl your line out (hopefully) past the breakers and then leave it for 10mins or so before reeling back in to see if you’ve got anything.  I’m not skilled enough at it to cast my own line out, it always goes sideways and I can never get it out past the breakers, so Dad does it for me.  So all I get to do is sit there and watch the surf, occasionally put bait on my hook, smoke cigarettes and wish we were fishing somewhere else. 

We went to the beach near Brou Lake, just north of Dalmeny, and beach fished for perhaps 2 hours before realising that we all had the same bit of bait on the hook as when we started, so gave up & went home for lunch.  Lunch was pies from Bodalla Bakery (YUM!) and a wee lemon tart – also YUM!

After lunch we went to my preferred spot – off the boardwalk on Narooma inlet, where the water is almost crystal clear, a lovely blue, and I can do almost everything myself.  Literally 30 seconds after I cast my line in, out came my first of 3 leatherjackets!  30 seconds!!  Love it! :)  My 3 leatherjackets were perfect size for toast (Jan’s preferred breakfast) and I also caught a wee bream that we threw back in with instructions to notify its parents of our yummy bait.  (It didn’t, but we didn’t mind too much.)  Jan also caught a leatherjacket for the pot and another wee bream, which we think could have possibly been the same one – what’s the learning curve on a fish?  Anyone?  Dad didn’t catch anything – which also happened last time I was here and we went out in the tinny (for those non-Australians – a tinny is a 12foot aluminium boat, a couple of metal seats and an outboard motor.  Luxury!  Just beware of touching the sides or changing seats on very hot days.  But it does mean you can find fishing spots that those without boats can’t access).

We were on the boardwalk for perhaps 2 hours, and Jan & I caught all the fish, in between spotting the stingrays that inhabit the inlet (they just cruise up & down, eating fish bits from incoming boats, getting their photo taken – quite a good life really) and watching the enormous bloody pelicans skim over the water.  Lovely way to spend an afternoon, especially since the fishes were throwing themselves on my line!

Today, Thursday 10 April and my last full day here, we went into Narooma and wandered about for a wee bit before heading off to Dalmeny Point for a picnic lunch.  After lunch a few hours sitting in the sun were followed by a trip to Naroom a to pickup the fresh lobster we ordered yesterday – lobster thermidore for dinner tonight!  :) 

I’ve been so spoiled on the food front this trip.  Thurs 27 = fresh fish & chips in Ulladulla on the way home form the train station.  Fri = fish & chips for lunch, spag bol for dinner that I cooked.  Sat = pies for lunch, steakfor dinner, I cooked.  Sun = roast chicken, roast pumpkin & lost of roasted veges, I cooked.  Mon = fresh flathead.  Tues = fish & chips in Batemans Bay for lunch, prawns, then fresh mussels in white wine & cream for dinner.  Wed = whole snapper (which I didn’t manage to finish on account of the size of my plate compared to everyone elses).  Thurs = lobster thermidore!!  WhooHoo! I’ve been properly seafooded, which is what I wanted.  The memories of this fabulous aussie seafood has to last me until my next trip, after all, so there’s no point mucking about! :)

I’ve had a great time here, I really do like coming to Dad & Jan’s.  And not just for the seafood!  Really! :)  Swimming in the sea, fantastic countryside, lovely wildlife (rosellas visit the balcony every morning, bellbirds everywhere, magpie and kookaburra song in the mornings, galahs eating grass-seeds in the lawns, fishies, dolphins in the sea that you can see from the balcony, seals, penguins…).  If you’re visiting Australia, I heartily recommend the Sapphire Coast – the NSW South Coast.  Bateman’s Bay to Bega.  You won’t be disappointed.

I’ve had a bit of a fab time all round this trip.  Nell & Gavin’s was lovely – it’s wonderful to be with my sister again.  I miss laughing with her so much!  Mum & John’s was good – brilliant to see all the family (tho exhausting!) and I’m glad I got to set Mum up on the internet.  It should make our conversations much easier! ;) 

But I think, after all this, I’m ready to go home.  I want my own bed and to cuddle my cat.  I’ll even suffer the bloody snow (now I’ve got a reasonable tan ;). 

Oh – and as a final note – thanks to every one of my readers.  I average 45 readers a day, and have passed the 11,000 total mark.  This post makes 299, I should do something special for number 300 I think.  Thanks for your support, thanks for your comments, and thanks for making me believe that someone, somewhere is vaguely interested in what I have to say.  Bless your cotton socks. :)  

See you in Britain. xx 


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