again, I know it’s been ages

I know it’s been another month gone by since I updated me blogge, but truly, there’s not been much to get excited about in my own little world.  Ok, there’s been exciting stuff happening, but around me, not directly involving me.

I keep applying for jobs, getting interviews with agencies, and that’s where it stops. I’m not quite sure why.  Apparently I’ve been with boss too long and am getting tarred with a ‘she can only do science/medical’ brush.  That and I’ve got too much experience for what these people want.  But to date, after almost 2 months on the jobhunt, I’ve been for exactly 5 interviews with actual companies, and a even dozen with agencies. I’ve not got 3 of the 5, and the other 2 were from the same company which I’m still waiting to hear from. (Fingers crossed for me, I’d love that job!)  But I seem to get to the agency interview, they register me and put me on their books, and that’s where it stops.

But I have another acutal company interview tomorrow, as well as an agency interview, so keep sending me your good vibes, huh?

Remember how someone at work was killed on the road outside my village?  Yesterday morning at 3:30am, a badly burnt body of a woman was found at the layby on the same road, approx 50meters fron the front gate of work!!   A truck driver found her.  Since the road is close to a couple of major motorways, the truckies pull off into the laybys to snooze.  Anyway, the cops and forensic teams have been out in force for the last two days, copper choppers have been buzzing the institute non stop, and this afternoon they’re bringing in the sniffer dogs and doing fingertip searches.  They still can’t identify her and the information coming through is sketchy…  But our institute security tell us that the road will be closed for another 2 days at least.  Very freaky.  That’s two dead in about 3 months. 

What else has happened…  Oh, I came into work one Monday morning to find that Top Gear were going to be filming a bit at my local pub!  Apparently they were testing Alfa Romeos at Duxford Imprial War Museum and needed somewhere to do their ‘wrap up’ discussion type bit.  However, their locations person must have got a sharp slap about the head as my local is a bit of abuilding site at the moment, and hardly the vision of an attractive country pub!  They rocked up, took a look at the place and at the 50 or so people that had come out to watch, then got back in their cars and split.  So I didn’t get to hand Clarkson my CV – but I saw Clarkson and Hammond!  And Top Gear were in my village!! :)

I went and saw the new Indy flick for my birthday.  Enjoyable, and laughed a few times, but I found it a bit less believeable than the other 3.  Christine asked me why the Ark and the Holy Grail are any more believeable than that, and I couldn’t quite answer.  Something skeptical in me I guess.

Oh, and boss published a big important paper – that proves that there’s no correlation between the size of your brain and how smart you are – published in Nature Neuroscience.  Big paper, lots of press coverage, radio interviews etc.  Been a busy week.  And I even got a mention in the ‘Acknowledgements’ :)

I’ve also discovered my local library and have been averaging 5 books a week.  I’m a reading fiend at the moment.  Well, there’s naught else to do on the hour commute to London to all these sodding interviews.  But I am enjoying the library.

My shoe fetish has also evolved.  I’m really enjoying beautiful shoes now.  Who would’ve thunk I’d turn into such a girl at 35yo?! ;)

And my blogge visitor count has broken 15,000!!  Thanks for visiting, and I hope I’m vaguely interesting.  And Mum, if you’d stop logging in thrice daily I could maybe get an accurate figure.. ;)  Nah – bless you all, really.  I do appreciate it.  And if you lot weren’t there I wouldn’t have this fab vent-outlet-thingy in the first place.  Bless your cotton socks.  :)

Other than that – car is good, cat-face is good, work is humming along.  I’m just getting impatient now for the British summer to actually bloody start!  Still hasn’t been over 22 deg and we’re almost on summer solstice!  Also bloody impatient to find a new job.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, yeah?



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