Hancock-ed, Primark-ed & cricket-ed

Friday – my interviews went very well. So well, in fact, that I got a phone call fro my agency this morning saying they were very impressed and want me back for a second interview! WhooHoo! Will happen in week commencing 14 July. Will keep you posted.

Friday night out to dinner & movie with Miguel & Begonia. Went & saw Hancock – have to say I wasn’t particularly impressed. All the good bits are in the trailers. The first third is fun, the laughs die in the second third and the end is just a little confusing and a bit twee. Anyway, make your own opinion, but mine would be to wait for the DVD. Don’t spend your hard earned only to be disappointed.

Sat went to Norwich with Christine. Never been there before and although there were some very strange looking people about (the local 6-toed pesantry, no doubt) we had a lovely lunch in a brilliant tapas bar, then a bit of shopping in Primark that was good for the bank balance! No, really! Got 3 pairs of work trousers, a linen blazer, a bed set (doona cover, two pillowcases AND a fitted sheet) for £66. Brilliant! Missed the F1 qualifying, but entirely worth it. Norwich is a strange place. Full of very weird people, but great shopping and quite a pleasant vibe to the place.

Sunday, woke late in my new bedding (lovely!) and rose just in time for the pre-race warm up for the British F1 Grand Prix. And what a race! After Aussie Mark Webber kicked some serious ass in qualifying to get on the front row of the grid (WHOOHOO!!) he spun on the first lap in the seriously wet conditions (understatement of the year!) and ended up finishing 10th. But the wild & wet conditions drove Ferrari to distraction, with Massa having a hell of a lot of trouble keeping his car turned in the right direction. It seemed he was spinning every 5 mins! Raikonnen only managed 4th after a late attack at Alonso – the Ferrari’s just seemed to have a hell of a time maintaining pace, even in qualifying. With Kubica, championship leader, out of the race and thereby scoring no points, the way was clear for a stampeding, rampaging Hamilton to secure his first place and the vital 10 points. Hamilton was never really in doubt and romped away in the awful conditions to win by more than a minute – almost unheard of in F1!

After the F1 I went to Wendens Ambo for their annual Village vs Pub cricket match, which Christine and Anne (who runs The Pub in question) roped me into doing some scoring.. I think it’s because I actually know a little about cricket, thop never scored before. But it was fun! Good day out. Weather was crap, and the rain bucketed down for about an hour or so, but it held off long enough for the Village to win by 3 wickets. A fun (and slightly drunken!) afternoon, got home about 8pm to a hungry cat and brand new Top Gear – which seems to be getting better and better. Love that show.

Also got some ‘new’ music. A few weeks ago I bought the Desperado Soundtrack, and have been loving the hell out of it! I’m really into dirty mexican blues at the moment, dirty messy guitars and a vaguely latin americal feel. Anyway, got the From Dusk Til Dawn soundtrack and also Tito & Tarantula’s ‘tarantism’ to groove down to now. Brilliant! Happy musical days :)

Anyway, happy Monday everybody. Tho the weather’s crap and will be all week, I feel optimistic..


About Miss J

Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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