last weekend – Bicester & good friends

Sorry for the lateness of this – been a busy week so far!

So Sat night I went round to Begonia’s.  Miguel’s off in Spain, so we had a real girly night with much seafood (Begonia indulges her seafood fetish with me, since Miguel doesn’t like seafood – the freak :)), much wine and Pride & Prejudice on DVD.  And that would be the BRILLIANT BBC six-part version, not the new and crap version with Please-force-feed-me Knightly. 

Anyway, we had mussels, calamari, seabass and prawns in garlic & wine – all of which were fantastic.  Damn that girl can cook!  So just when I was nice and squidgy, replete with good food and much wine, she said she was going to Bicester Shopping Village on Sunday, and did I want to come?  (Note for the non-uk people, Bicester is pronounced BISTER.  Don’t ask me why, one of those mad pommie things with using too many letters again.)  Anyway, got up early on Sunday, head hurt a little but not too bad.  Begonia picked me up at 8:30 and we drove for 2 hours to get to Bicester, which is just outside Oxford.  (Down the M11, round the M25 and up the M40 – I’m sure there’s a quicker way, but Begonia wasn’t really trusting the sat-nav.)

Bicester is an amazing place for shopping.  Almost all the big designers had an outlet store there (Dior, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Jaeger, LK Bennet, Ralph Lauren, Karen Millen etc etc) and I picked up a couple of bargains..  Top & skirt that are lovely & fit me perfectly, great for interviews in Jaeger for £50 – marked down from total price of £170.  Shoes for £70 marked down from £160, and had my eye on a £350 pair of Jimmy Choo’s, but the Bank Manager wouldn’t allow it.  Spoilsport. ;)  Also picked up a new summer handbag, which I love, and another pair of shoes for £15.  Lovely day all round, though a bit of a hike… 

Got home about 5:30pm, just in time to have a quick shower & get ready to go to Sarah & Pim’s for dinner.  Pim was doing Nasi Goreng, which he’s famous for, and Sarah had found some sugar syrup so was forcing mojitos down my neck all night.  Really!  She was forcing me to drink these fantastic minty-rum drinks, shoving a Wii controller into my hand and expecting me to take it all out on some poor defenseless little rabbids! ;)  Bit tired though after Bicester, so farily early night.  Was home and ready for bed by 11.

Monday was a horrid day.  My neck froze up again during the night, and I awoke having a head-turning range of about 35 deg before the pain set in.  Went & saw doctor, & was given diazepam, which knocked me out for about 6 hours.  When I woke up I was feeling a lot better.

Tuesday was a busy day, and I had to head to London for 5pm for a second interview, which went really well I thought.  But I obviously have no bloody idea about these things because I say that every time.  Anyway, I think I made an impression, and they said they’d let me know in about 2 weeks.  2 weeks!  That’s cruel & unusual punishment! 

Today (wed) has been hell busy, there’s an institute board meeting at the end of this week and boss has to present to the board.  He’s frantically been getting data from the lab that I have to turn into something actually readable and vaguely relevant, so there’s been much pains in arse from boss today.  And there will be tomorrow too, before the board on Friday.

And that’s about it.  You’re now all up to date.  If you’re making wishes for me, wish I hear good things about this job soonishly.  I’m not very patient when it comes to jobhunting.



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