Razor clams and chorizo, to scallops and lemon – seafood-y week!

Saturday night Miguel and Begonia came for dinner. I cooked razor clams with chorizo and wine followed by vegetarian lasagne, both of which were very well received (especially considering Miguel is not a seafood afficionado like me and Bego). A couple of bottles of very nice white later I was feeling no pain at all! Stayed up very late chatting, and Sunday was a bit painful indeed!

Was going to a film on Sunday night, or possibly visiting Sarah and Pim, but I was truthfully in too delicate a state.. It’s been a good while since I was like that! ;)

Monday to Wed 6th I was on holidays – trying to use the last of my paid holiday before I leave for my new job. Monday was recovery day, though I did make a run to tesco for supplies. Tuesday was cleaning day, and I got a haircut. No change, just a bit shorter. Wed 6 August the two people I’ll miss most from this job took the afternoon off and took me to Mersea Island for a seafood lunch at The Company Shed.. (photos now up on Flickr)

Now, we’ve been here before and loved every minute, and we always promised ourselves that we’d go in summer when it was warm, and go in Sarah’s convertible beetle just to make the day complete. Well, the day started muggy and rainy, so there was only a little topless driving, but about 5 mins after we arrived at The Shed the sun came out and stayed for the most glorious afternoon at the seaside!

We had to wait for a table for perhaps 30mins, but we were happy enough with our lovely wine and chatting to fellow ‘waiters’. Once inside and situated on the end of a table of ‘ladies who lunch’, we ordered the seafood platter, tiger prawns in garlic and lemon, scallops with bacon and lemon, green-lipped mussels with herb coating and a salad to share. All of it was fresh off the boat, all of it was fantastic, but the tiger prawns and scallops were so good we got another helping!

A lovely couple of hours spent before buying fishy for home and setting off back to The Beagle (Sarah’s topless beetle) for the 90min drive home. I sat in the back, drunk and a bit giggly by now but incredibly happy, and Sarah & Christine put the top down! YAY! Oh, it was a lovely drive home. I do like topless cars, I have to say.

Got home about 4:45pm, finishing off a bottle from The Shed that Sarah couldn’t finish cause she was driving, and ended up in bed fairly early – as you can imagine.

Work on Thursday was a bit of a trial, but I was more tired than anything else.. Could’ve been a whole lot worse!

So I’ve got fresh scallops for dinner tonight (they’ve been in the freezer for a day and then out last night) which I’m going to do with bacon and lemon, try and get them like we had at The Shed. A bit of fresh bread to soak up the juices, a nice glass of wine.. fantastic!



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Gen-x Australian female - out of my mind and my country. Cast adrift, as it were :) Enjoys: cat-cuddling, books, movies, music, theatre, travel, rpgs, cricket, F1 racing and all things to do with the sea..
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