the world’s most unwanted man

Garry Glitter, former Glam rocker (though I use the word rocker incredibly loosely – more just to give you an idea of what he aspired to be, not what he actually was) is now into kiddies.  He’s been done in the UK for downloading child porn, so he headed off to SE Asia, cause that’s what paedophiles do.  He got done in Vietnam for abusing two girls and sentenced to 6 years in prison.  Now released after 2 years on some sort of govt pardon, he’s been ejected from Vietnam.  As the Vietnamese are well within their rights to do.

At the moment he’s sitting in a back room of Bangkok airport, because the Thai won’t allow him into their country – and I don’t blame them in the slightest.  He’s already tried to go to Hong Kong, no go.  They don’t want him either and put him straight back on the plane to Bangkok.  He’s vowed he won’t return to the UK, since they’ve stepped up the restrictions on sex offenders and his life wouldn’t be what it was.  But is problem now is – where to go?

19 countries have said they don’t want him.  19.  That’s a lot of countries!  That’s very probably most of SE Asia.  He’s sitting in an airport in Bangkok with nowhere to go, and the Thai have said they’ll put him in a detention centre if he doesn’t leave the country.

Ah – what to do?  Poor poor Gary – see what kiddie porn gets you?  No country, no home, no prospects whatsoever.  And no sympathy from anyone.


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