Spinward Fringe – the best sci-fi series I’ve read in ages!

Guys, get ready for the best thing you’ll read for years. 

The Spinward Fringe Series, by Randolph Lalonde, has kept me more than capitvated for the last week – yes, I breezed through 7 books in a week :).  Even for me, that’s a new record – and if you know me and my relentless reading habits, that’s quite the achievement!

Spinward Fringe is a futuristic series about a group of people on a space station/independent colony, Freeground.  Bored with their normal day to day routine, they start using simulators to experience space battles from ships and fighters.  Winning everything they come across, and getting bored with the regular sims, they hack into the Freeground military to experience their sims, and again start winning against very experienced combat pilots.  The military is embarrassed to be outdone by civilians, but instead of laying charges, the team are rewarded with their own ship, First Light.  What follows in the 6 other books of the series are capitvating adventures in space, incredible technology and totally engaging characters that will feel like family before you know it. 

All the books are downloadable from Amazon, just search for Spinward Fringe.  To get the full experience, start with Broadcast 0: Origins, before Broadcast 1 – this will give you a very good intro and to top it off, it’s FREE!  In fact, all the books are very very reasonably priced – yet another thing I loved about this series.

Author Randolph Lalonde is currently writing Broadcast 7 – and I personally cannot wait.  Truly, everything I read between now and then will pale in comparison, especially anything in the sci-fi genre.

If you’re a sci-fi fan, you can (and probably already have!) do a great deal worse than Spinward Fringe.  In fact, if you don’t check out Spinward Fringe, I don’t think you’ve experienced the very best of the genre.

Be captivated, be enthralled, be dazzled, but most of all – try one and you’ll be a loyal reader. 

Trust me.



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