where she takes a few days and rediscovers the joys of Lidl

Beed a lovely week this week.  Boss headed off on a weeks hols, so I had Wed-Fri off :)  I know, I know – two weeks in a row not working Fridays!  And damn does it feel good!!

So what’d I get up to?  Besides reading 3 books….

Wednesday, had my MOT/roadworthy certificate done (passed with flying colours!) by the Mobile Mechanics.  Now there’s a business!  They will come to you with a big ol van and fix your car in your drive.  In this case, he came to me, picked up my car and drove it to the MOT test centre, where he completed the test himself and then drove the car back to mine.  An extra £25 for the door to door service, but it means I’m not sitting around an industrial park in the back of nowhere waiting – I can wait in the comfort of my own home watching catch up tv! :D  Anyway, an hour later he was back, clean test certificate him his pocket.  Now I just have to find my rego papers!!  Post move, nothing is where it should be..

Yeah – forgot to tell you that before – I moved from deepest darkest Essex to Kent / South London.  I’ve got a lovely wee flat in a lovely green street, with a straight route into the big smoke for work.  It’s expensive, but worth it.  Been here nigh on a year now and still love the place.  For the first time ever in my life, the house I live in has a dishwasher!!!!  Do you realise just how exciting that is??!? :D  Anyway, so me and cat-beast now live alone and we’re much happier for it.  As I write, cat is snoring softly whilst my downstairs neighbour is quietly strumming a guitar.  It’s raining a bit, though not much, and I’m in bed with a cup of tea..  life don’t get much better! ;)

So Wednesday I got my MOT.  Thursday was grocery day.  Now, very probably like many of you, I’ve become shocked at how much I spend on groceries.  And I have hearty recommendations for those who have not tried them yet – go to Lidl or Aldi.  Seriously.  Go.

I know there’s a little stigma around them, but there is nothing wrong with the quality of goods, and the price is DRASTICALLY lower!!!  £60 spend in Lidl is equivalent to about double that in Sainsburys!  So what I do now is the main shop in Lidl, then hit Sainsburys for the bits I can’t get in Lidl (the cat food & litter beast prefers, kabanos, allergy pills, my shampoo etc- those specific products that my life can’t do without).  And, you know what?  This month, I brought home 6 bags (and we’re talking ‘bags for life’ here – I always have my own bags!) from Lidl – then 2.5 bags from Sainsburys for the SAME PRICE!!  Ye gods.  seriously.  the same damn price.

If you haven’t shopped at Lidl or Aldi – go now.

Friday, I went for a haircut.  After almost a full year (last got my haircut before a trip to Oz last May), my hair was looking a bit battered – I guess how I was feeling for a long while.  So was a walk-in at one of the many local salons.

I generally pick hairdressers at random, and settle on one through trial and error.  I got very lucky this time.  The Lovely Stacey (senior stylist) had a slot, fit me in, did a great cut, recommended some colour to cover my rapidly expanding greys, and charged me a reduced rate because I was a non-appointment walk in!!  Way to go Stacey!

So quite the successful week, actually.  MOT done, no dramas.  Groceries done, happy.  New hairdo – very happy.

Feel like finally, almost 11 months later, my life is finally moving on from emotional trauma and numbness.

Cat is snoring.  I’m quietly contented.  The calm before the storm??…


READ THIS WEEK:  Books 2 and 3 of the Feist/Wurts Empire Trilogy – Servant of the Empire and Mistress of the Empire.  Alys Wilkes: Tales from a Stone Cottage.  Now on to Patricia Cornwell, Dust.


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