gen-x australian dipping a toe in the world :)

I left Australia in Nov 1999 to start my big adventure, beginning with a move to the UK. At 27yo I was getting quite vexed by the fact that I’d never been out of Australia. So I decided to go. 6 months later I had the ticket and had sold almost everything I owned. I landed at Heathrow on 1 Dec 1999, and haven’t regretted much at all.

Mum’s getting frustrated – told her I’d be away for about 5 years and it’s now far more than that. But I’m not done yet. I’m not finished yet. There’s no point going home til I’m finished, right? Otherwise I’ll just be dreaming of coming back.

This blog started as a way to keep family and friends back home up to date on my travels, since I’m so crap at writing letters. But it’s kind of evolved.. I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet, don’t know if it has a specific purpose.. I’m just tending to go with the flow..

that’s my story.. nothin special…

OK- now the uninteresting bit..

This blog is updated by me and views and opinions expressed here are mine and (mostly) mine alone. None of the material contained herein is intended to offend, injure or harm any creature – my toungue is (mostly!) firmly in my cheek. If you are offended by anything in this blog, please lighten up. Or dissuade me from vendettas with a good persuasive argument. I like a good debate, a good exchange of ideas.

No animals were harmed in the making of this blog. Except of course those I ate. Mostly seafood, and you can’t really have a fulfilling, rewarding, reciprocal relationship with a prawn – can you?

This wee quiz was sent to me and I thought it might be a goodie on here…


Three jobs I have had in my life:
1. Costume jewellery design & production. Yep I used to bend bits of wire together and add beads to make earings and necklaces that sold for $50-150. And I just about got 10% of the proceeds.
2. Conference organiser for the British Plumbing Employer’s Council. They hired me as a temp to organise training conferences for them. I did two conferences (which were fun) then spent the rest of my 9mth stint reformatting database data. (which wasn’t.)
3. Managed a record store.  Honest and truly.  no need to expand on that ;)

Three Places that I have lived
1. Annandale, Sydney. Famous for the renowned Annandale Hotel, hotspot for upcoming local music talent.
2. Edinburgh, Scotland. Lovely place, truly lovely. My second home, I think.
3. France, on a 32m canal boat floating hotel running between Beziers and Carcassonne on the Canal Du Midi. Lovely scenery, lovely food and people. Crap accommodations (no cat swinging in my ‘box room’) and crap job.

Three TV shows I like to watch
1. The West Wing – very sadly defunked. Will be sorely missed. Luckily I have all 7 seasons on DVD! :)
2. Suits.
3. Game of Thrones

Three places I have vacationed:
1. Greek Island of Zakynthos – stunning scenery, swam in the Med (COLD!), got sunburnt, had a brief holiday romance..
2. Salzburg – Fantastic! Wonderful! Bravo!
3. Australia – when I come home to visit I cover a hell of a lot of the East Coast – from Brisbane to Bermagui….

Three of my favourite foods:
1. Seafood. (Almost) everything except oysters
2. Artichoke. With lemon and garlic sauce.
3. Cherries. Anywhere, anytime. Best? I had a cold cherry soup in France that was mindblowing!

Three places where I would rather be right now:
1. Australia. With family and friends and the things I’m missing.
2. A sunny beach somewhere. Anywhere really.
3. Moscow. Still holding a yearning to go and find any possible relatives (My great grandfather fled the revolution to Australia – but he must have relatives, right?). Also to see the onion domes of St Basil’s.


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