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“a cry from the darkest corners of my own soul…”

John Birmingham – I totally agree!!! read a stunningly brilliant take on Generation X as it is today, by Mat Honan, here Advertisements

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Captain Cook’s boomerang for sale in London

In 1770, Capt James Cook parked his boat in Kurnell, Botany Bay, Australia and met some local people – as you do.  These locals, as a gift of friendship after noticing Cook didn’t have any, gave him a boomerang and … Continue reading

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the world’s most unwanted man

Garry Glitter, former Glam rocker (though I use the word rocker incredibly loosely – more just to give you an idea of what he aspired to be, not what he actually was) is now into kiddies.  He’s been done in … Continue reading

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I take it all back

Further to my last post about how proud I am of Britain scoring so well in the olympics – I take it all back.  Just because they’re bad winners. On UK television this morning they tore shreds into the Australian … Continue reading

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caution: patriotism crossing

Anyone who’s been out of touch with the world for the last few days, I have news.  The Olympics have started. Yep, that ritual athletic testing that started in an ancient foreign land as a way of challenging soldiers has … Continue reading

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the rich getting richer? not as much as before, it seems.. but the poor are still paying the biggest price..

Heard on the news this morning that Lloyds TSB, one of the UK’s biggest banks, has had a 70% drop in profit this quarter. I started cheering, thinking perhaps this can be a score for the little guy, to prove … Continue reading

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Seagal – totally past it?

Now, I usually go into Seagal movies with an open mind. There’s going to be some good (if not entirely realistic) fight scenes, a scanty plot, and a lot of looking at Seagal’s haircut trying to figure out why someone … Continue reading

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