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kulcha tursdy: The Umbilical Brothers

The Umbilical Brothers are an duo from Aussie, who combine mime and sound effects with fantastic results.  They’ve been regulars on Aussie tele for a long while, and in honor of the Edinburgh Festival (which is currently going on), which … Continue reading

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sleeve notes – Travelling Wilburys

This caught my attention today. I’m having a retro day and listening to The Travelling Wilburys, and I happened to look at the sleeve notes.. The Wilburys are: Lucky Wilbury, Otis Wilbury, Charlie T. Wilbury, Lefty Wilbury, Nelson Wilbury – … Continue reading

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caution: patriotism crossing

Anyone who’s been out of touch with the world for the last few days, I have news.  The Olympics have started. Yep, that ritual athletic testing that started in an ancient foreign land as a way of challenging soldiers has … Continue reading

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Razor clams and chorizo, to scallops and lemon – seafood-y week!

Saturday night Miguel and Begonia came for dinner. I cooked razor clams with chorizo and wine followed by vegetarian lasagne, both of which were very well received (especially considering Miguel is not a seafood afficionado like me and Bego). A … Continue reading

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the joys of Facebook

When I originally signed up to Facebook, it was so I could get in touch with my travelling pals, people I’ve met travelling who’ve since moved on, and keep in touch with old colleagues etc. In this, Facebook excels. In … Continue reading

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last night, thinkin’ bout last night.. (Cue the Travelling Wilburys!)

Last night Sarah dragged (well, suggested with some persuasive arguments and then gave me ‘the cow eyes’, which she bloody well knows I can’t refuse!) me to see ‘The Music Of Dirty Dancing’ at Audley End.  Now, I’m an unconfessed … Continue reading

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last weekend – Bicester & good friends

Sorry for the lateness of this – been a busy week so far! So Sat night I went round to Begonia’s.  Miguel’s off in Spain, so we had a real girly night with much seafood (Begonia indulges her seafood fetish … Continue reading

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