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happy blogiversary to me!

yep – two years down.. Adrift is two years old!  Bloody hell, what an adventure!  And it’s just getting better and better… And I almost missed it! :) Many thanks to my readers – and many thanks to everyone I’ve … Continue reading

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kulcha tursdy: The Umbilical Brothers

The Umbilical Brothers are an duo from Aussie, who combine mime and sound effects with fantastic results.  They’ve been regulars on Aussie tele for a long while, and in honor of the Edinburgh Festival (which is currently going on), which … Continue reading

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sleeve notes – Travelling Wilburys

This caught my attention today. I’m having a retro day and listening to The Travelling Wilburys, and I happened to look at the sleeve notes.. The Wilburys are: Lucky Wilbury, Otis Wilbury, Charlie T. Wilbury, Lefty Wilbury, Nelson Wilbury – … Continue reading

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caution: patriotism crossing

Anyone who’s been out of touch with the world for the last few days, I have news.  The Olympics have started. Yep, that ritual athletic testing that started in an ancient foreign land as a way of challenging soldiers has … Continue reading

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When friday’s eyes are smiling…

There was a guy at work having a CD sale yesterday, and I managed to score a copy of The Best Of The Kinks, which I’m enjoying immensely! So much, in fact, that I’ve had this song in my head … Continue reading

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Kulcha tursdy: short & sweet

A Silly Poem Said Hamlet to Ophelia, I’ll draw a sketch of thee, What kind of pencil shall I use? 2B or not 2B? Spike Milligan

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prohibition giggles

I know – Prohibition Giggles, bit of a contradiction in terms. Anne sent me this, and I thought it should be preserved for posterity on my wee blogge. :) If you were around in 1919 (just before prohibition started) and … Continue reading

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