2 measley little points!!!

Out at my usual Sunday jaunt – Archery..  Been doing this for about 4 months now and slowly (very damn slowly!) getting better..

Learnt on Barebow (i.e. no sights) and did ok during my initial training course, so started with the Club using barebow.  However, jumping from 30yds to 50yds was a bit of a leap (!) so I came back down to 30 and started using sights.  However, it seems that I am one of those people who are ‘built for barebow’ – I just can’t get my head around sights and making minute adjustments and having the arrow go nowhere near where I wanted it turned out to be very very frustrating.  I was hitting the target (or boss), but only the outer edges.

The proof was in the scores – using sights, I was lucky to get 1 Gold in 3 dozen arrows.  Barebow, I shot 3 Golds in a dozen.  So I went back to barebow.

Next Steps

To get an achievement badge on barebow I have to shoot 189.

Scoring today..  I shot 187.


The field quickly filled with expletives, one of which I stole from Agent Zoyle after watching ‘Paul‘ last night.  My new favourite swear phrase.

Honestly – the only thing worse that being two points short is being one point short.

Topping off a frustrating day – found out that the guy I’ve been attracted to has a lady-friend (after I bit the bullet & asked him out).  Bummer – but there you go.  Don’t ask, don’t get.

So now, it’s hot drinks to warm the cold hands, uggs to warm the cold wet feet (was raining overnight & the field was wet), and a couple of hours on Warcraft to relax.  Oh, and Laundry.

But did go online and bought myself a bowstand, 3-fingered archery glove and some more fletchings (I lost one – literally – no idea where the damn thing is).

Hope everyone’s Sunday is going ok


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Well, will you look at that..

The world has moved on since I started blogging..  you can now post direct from your phone!

What will they think of next??!

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Nepal earthquake..

thinking about all in Nepal right now…

Afterwards, historic buildings in Kathmandu lay in rubble. The injured wound up being treated outside hospitals in chaotic scenes. Residents, terrorized by a seemingly endless series of aftershocks, huddled outdoors for safety.

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hmmm.. might have to jet to LA for a consult with Dr Woo

I’ve been thinking about a new tattoo for quite a while now..  then I see this page posted by a friend on facebook:-

This past December, The New York Times ran a story about Brian Woo (aka Dr. Woo), calling him the “Tattoo Artist for the Hollywood Set.” Having inked such celebrities as Drake, Ellie Goulding, and Cara Delevingne, the 33-year-old is one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in Los Angeles with a wait list that’s six months long. Young and old have fallen in love with his signature style of intricate, fine-line, single-needle style pieces. With an Instagram following that now stands at 454,000, he’s also followed by a legion of online fans who watch his every move.

… If I book my appt now I’ll have 6 months to get the ticket price….

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Blogroll: Cheeseburger Gothic

I fell in love with John Birmingham way back in 1994, when John released a wee book that took me and my fellow GenX’ers by storm with its wit, despair and truth – “He died with a felafel in his hand”,  about living in shared houses in Brisbane and other cities in Australia with various dubious housemates, one of which was the heroin addict of the title.  I was in my shared house period at the time and John’s book perfectly summed up the experience!

John and I went quiet for a while – which was all my fault, I was travelling and we lost touch –  but in 2007 I fell in love with John all over again when he blogged about why Americans should start playing cricket: “For one cannot have pretensions to mastering the universe when one is regularly undone by the likes of Sri Lanka or Zimbabwe. When one fears the re-emergence of the Caribbean as a world power, one is likely to face the re-emergence of a caliphate in the old Ottoman Empire with equanimity.”  From Blunt Instrument

John’s latest incarnation is Cheeseburger Gothic – where he’s moved his main blogging talents and writes about anything and everything..

enjoy :D


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“a cry from the darkest corners of my own soul…”

John Birmingham – I totally agree!!!

read a stunningly brilliant take on Generation X as it is today, by Mat Honan, here

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the eternal question…

Which is the best band to come out of Australia?

I came across this article the other day from a mate on Facebook who owns a recording studio..

Strangely enough, I agree with a lot of this list..  though I personally would have moved my favourite band, The Church, higher than No 15 – I recognise and appreciate all bands/artists on this list, including those in 21-50.

Also nice to see my old mate Tim Rodgers (and I mean this literally – we worked together in a record store in Sydney when You Am I began) in at No 10, and Nick Cave in at 12.

there are some ridiculously influential bands that have come out of Australia – and I think we should all be very bloody proud of our musical heritage.  long may we reign!!

(note –  these cheeky buggers scorred the top spot!)

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