There actually are some lovely fish

Who would have thunk! ;)

Yes, I’m being careful – but also being optimistic.. had a couple of very dark days there in the middle

Also – fairly good weekend at archery last weekend.  Clout @ Evolution archers on Saturday then the annual Regina Albion round aty club on Sunday – though I did a short windsor on account of my wee 28lb bow cant reach 80 yards with a tailwind!!  Makes me think I should maybe try longbow instead of recurve..  going to try out a club bow and give it a shot.. 

The week is improving. 


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Yep. Been here before.

Why oh why do I keep going for emotionally messed up guys?

Or.. do I cause it??!?

It’s all kaput, finito with MWLIF.

Lessons learned. Again. (Sigh)

Back to the sea…

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Culture shock

Work trip to Manila…

Arrived after a very long flight, connection in Singapore – and I have to say that Changi airport is damn impressive!  Koi pond, with foot long koi, inside the terminal!  Two of them!! :D

Anyway – flight was ok – saw some films, slept a little, food was decent..  Arrived Manila to be greeted by hotel reps, who shuffled me off to the hotel car & the hour drive to the hotel.  I tell ya, lucky I was using official hotel transport and was the only one in the car – I passed out and slept for most of the journey!

Hotel is nice indeed – 100count cotton sheets, massive bed, kitchen & washing machine, the shower even turns into a steam room!

I’m here til Wednesday next week – can’t tell you why I’m here (Ssshh! Secret projects!) but it’s all going well..

Dinner last night with local lawyers – who took me to the most amazing place – Sentro 1771.  Got to try some proper Filipino dishes – which were very tasty indeed!  There was a particular favourite, Singang Na – which is meat & veg in a tamarind broth.

Kind of the Filipino version of miso soup, but it was a particular favourite. This one made with corned beef that was so tender – beautiful! There was also squid with dried mango, ‘Drunken Shrimp’ (marinated in rum then tempura fried), Smoked Fish rolls (kinda like sushi but with duck egg and tomato – not my favourite, but quite good), a lamb stew, and a green mango salad with tamarind and anchovy.  All in all, a fantastic meal and one I won’t forget in a hurry!

Followed by drinks and conversation at The Tipsy Pig gastropub..  two pitchers of cocktails later, headed home for sleeping – which didn’t come easy..  damn jetlag!

The culture here is odd – everyone has a driver, who delivers you to your destination then hangs about waiting for you..  Everyone has a maid, who looks after your house, cooks, cleans and generally takes care of everything for you.  Quote from an expat local – “Dishwasher?  We have a dishwasher – her name is Tess!”

But the people are all incredibly polite and very lovely – lots of smiles, good mornings and kind thoughts.  Traffic is a nightmare – 30million people in Manila means lots and lots of traffic.  Meanwhile, just down the road from here is one of the largest Malls in Asia – 1km long and 5 storeys – ye gods!  What a temple to capitalism!  TV has 5 different religion channels, lots of American sports overage (basketball in particular) and lots of USA bias – but that’s understandable, really.  There is an Australia channel – mainly covering news & A Current Affair type human interest stories.

Weather is hot.  damn hot.  hot and humid.  Taxi drivers telling me the heatwave is March/April (45+) but then settles back to mid-30’s for the rest of the year.  Also tell me that it’s actualy rainy season, but I haven’t seen any evidence of clouds yet..  Think they might be pulling my leg!

Well – most of work done for the day now – though have to get out there and find some photo frames..


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It pays to be the only Ladies Barebow.. 


With a pretty crap score of 143, I walk away with a trophy! 

Happy Father’s Day to all the Northern Hemisphere Dad’s out there xxx

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Whoops – forgot…

Got travel jabs yesterday for Philippines – Tetanus, Diptheria, Polio, HepA and Typhoid.  Slightly bruised arms today, but no other reaction.  Thank god.

Also, fininishing my antibiotics tomorrow.  Throat better, thank god again!

And, saw downstairs neighbour in the hall yesterday – the old lady from No6 did break her hip and is in hospital for 8 weeks! Poor thing.  I wonder where she is..  would be nice to go visit her.. 


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It’s mine!

Today saw the bank take the final payment on my car. Instead of owning everything but the front left wheel – it’s all mine!!

Quite the achievement. Having a celebratory drink!

Re MWLIF -We’re still talking every day and skyping almost every night. It’s been a month now. It’s still fantastic and romantic and wonderful – and I’m still happier than I’ve been in years.

Everyone should be this happy xx

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Put the lime in the coconut..

House inspection this morning lasted all of about 15mins. Went to work for an hour before doc appt.

Quickest doc appt ever! 2mins in & out with a prescription. Confirmed tonsilitis with 3 questions and one look at my throat.

Yep – I remember what this feels like. *sigh*

Now home to bed & work remotely for a few hrs.

Hope you’re feeling better than me xx

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