Crecy Clout @ Lamorbey Park Archers

A fun old day!  Didnt win, but quite happy with my result in my second ever Clout!


The compound – way way WAY back there!


The compound containing those cursed French kniggits! ;D complete with styrofoam knight on horseback.


Gents longbow from 180yds.  I was shooting 140yds.


I got a 9, a trio of 5’s and a 3 for a total score of 37.  Not first, not last!


Pulling arrows in the compound.

Helen from my club ( the longbow legend!) won Ladies Longbow with a score of 147. I scored a bottle of fizzy wine in the raffle :D

A long, but fun day.  Met some lovely people, saw some very sexy looking bows, got a good feed and a bottle of plonk to bring home. Bring on the next one!  :D

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Today’s adventure..

Quite excited!


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Everyday anger.. First World problem #23

I commute. Not as far as I used to.  But I, like a couple of billion other around the world every day, commute.

Going to work is not a drama.  Well, not much of a drama.  Ok, so I always have to stand like a sardine on an overcrowded train, but there’s usually space enough to read my book – so it’s bareable.

Going home, however…

Why is it that going home is so much worse than coming in?  Everyday, sardineville. Fighting to get on and off the train. Selfish people who won’t consider moving down and letting others on.  Etc etc.

And worst of all, to me at least, are those blazè commuters who saunter slowly down the crowded platform, on their phone or just not caring that  they’re causing others to miss their trains.

See, if I dont get at least halfway down the 10 carriage platform I cant even get ON the train, let alone get a seat.  I never get a seat, I accepted that long ago.  And I dont mind standing, as long as I can read my book.  But if I dont get halfway down the platform, the train is so damn full I cant even get on.  If I cant get on I have to wait 20mins for the next one – which is also ridiculously full and squishy.

But every single day, I have to fight and elbow my way past saunterers who just dont care about the queue of 20 or so people behind them. 

I hate not being able to walk at my normal ‘alone’ pace.  Hate it.  Every single work day I’m frustrated by these people – as are no doubt millions of others.

My station platform is my daily frustration zone. Unavoidable, the same level of frustration every day, I know it’s going to be bad and it still frustrates me.

And to all of you who walk slow down station platforms – there is a special circle of hell reserved for you. 

Thanks. Sometimes you’ve just got to vent :). Rant ends.


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First sunburn of the season.. ow!

Big weekend!

Archery club AGM on Friday night, 4hrs. 
Sat night headed up to Cambridge for dinner with Scarah, The Lovely Maxine and Ms Brown, who I haven’t seen for ages.  Nice dinner, good company, and 3hrs total driving – listening and singing along to The Hummingbirds, Ratcat and The Huxton Creepers. Getting back in touch with my Aussie 90’s music roots! :D  Was a good drive, actually.  Havent had a long haul like that for a while, quite enjoyed it.

Sunday is Archery day.  Sun was shining and I was in a T-Shirt.  Sunburn on bow arm, chest and chin (thank god I was wearing a hat!) Gave out a couple of award badges, had a bad run on 40yds but good company and a good day.  Judicious application of aloe vera this evening.

Came home from archery & spent a couple of hours trying to figure out the scoring software for the archery records.  Had to recategorise 120 people and about 400 score records, since it seemed the categories didnt load with the file transfer! Still got more work to do on it, but put it down when there was an incident outside…

When I came home, my neighbour (lovely 73yo lady) was in the garden doing some repotting.  I was sitting at my pc, trying to work out what was wrong with the archery file when I heard her yelling for help.  I looked out the window from my 3rd floor into the gardens & saw her on her back, almost crying, yelling. Rushed downstairs, madly trying to remember my first aid (I am qualified and insured!). 

She’d tripped and fallen on her right hip and had enormous pain.  She asked to sit up, so me and the lady from flat 2 got her sitting up then, when she asked to stand, got her to her feet.  She couldnt put any weight on her right leg, she still had feeling in her leg and foot, but an enormous pain in her hip.  We sat her in a chair, called the ambo’s, wrapped a blanket round her and got her a drink of water.

She seemed to be ok – she was shaking a bit and a little wobbly, so we just kept talking to her and stayed with her.  She called her son, who soon arrived with his wife to wait with her for the ambo.  She was cold, so we picked up the chair she was sitting in and, not moving her body position at all, carried her chair and all inside her flat.  She seemed happier there and was far more comfortable in the light and warmth than out in the garden.

Since she had family with her, I went back upstairs to my flat, then when the ambo’s turned up I directed them to her flat & went to give a report of what we’d done for her.  They took her off in the ambulance about 90mins ago. 

I hope she’s ok but, given she couldnt put any weight at all on her right leg, I think she’s managed to break her hip.

I think I need another day to get over the weekend!


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New role..

I am now the Archery Club Records Officer – in control of recording members scores & achievements.

Volunteered at last night’s AGM. Nothing unusual for me, either in volunteering or the work involved! :D

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And again!


Heheheee! Goddamn! :D 

Another trophy for the mantle – success on Ladies Recurve at the field archery event, “That’s Not A Longbow”.

And my shot of the day??  Split the bamboo garden stake!


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Very good day at Archery today!

We had the Annual George Gard Clout.  George Gard is the Club Chairman, in his 70″s, shoots longbow (the full medieval style bent stick with a string).  There are jokes that it’s supposed to be the George Gard Memorial Clout – but he won’t die – so the George Gard Clout it is.

So, most times at Archery it”s straight target shooting at either 40, 50, 60 or 80 yards.  This week, being a Clout, we shot at either 100, 140 or 180yards.  It’s a lot different and remeniscient of past times – you’ve got to aim about 35deg up and watch your arrow sail way way up in the air, then hope it comes down somewhere within the 10yard circle of the target , the centre of which is marked with a flag.  Points are awarded depending on distance from the flag.


  With a mighty score of 12 points (!) I won the Ladies Recurve 140 yards!!

I was 3rd scoring lady overall.  First was Helen the legend (shooting longbow) with a score of 47, then another lady shooting 100yards then me. Feeling quite good about my score in my first ever Clout!

It was a really fun day and everyone got into the spirit – and to come away with a trophy just iced the cake!

So well done to all the winners of the 2015 George Gard (Memorial) Clout – including me! YYAAAAYYY!!


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