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Guys, get ready for the best thing you’ll read for years. 

The Spinward Fringe Series, by Randolph Lalonde, has kept me more than capitvated for the last week – yes, I breezed through 7 books in a week :).  Even for me, that’s a new record – and if you know me and my relentless reading habits, that’s quite the achievement!

Spinward Fringe is a futuristic series about a group of people on a space station/independent colony, Freeground.  Bored with their normal day to day routine, they start using simulators to experience space battles from ships and fighters.  Winning everything they come across, and getting bored with the regular sims, they hack into the Freeground military to experience their sims, and again start winning against very experienced combat pilots.  The military is embarrassed to be outdone by civilians, but instead of laying charges, the team are rewarded with their own ship, First Light.  What follows in the 6 other books of the series are capitvating adventures in space, incredible technology and totally engaging characters that will feel like family before you know it. 

All the books are downloadable from Amazon, just search for Spinward Fringe.  To get the full experience, start with Broadcast 0: Origins, before Broadcast 1 – this will give you a very good intro and to top it off, it’s FREE!  In fact, all the books are very very reasonably priced – yet another thing I loved about this series.

Author Randolph Lalonde is currently writing Broadcast 7 – and I personally cannot wait.  Truly, everything I read between now and then will pale in comparison, especially anything in the sci-fi genre.

If you’re a sci-fi fan, you can (and probably already have!) do a great deal worse than Spinward Fringe.  In fact, if you don’t check out Spinward Fringe, I don’t think you’ve experienced the very best of the genre.

Be captivated, be enthralled, be dazzled, but most of all – try one and you’ll be a loyal reader. 

Trust me.

busy busy busy

sorry haven’t been on for a while – let me tell you what i’ve been doing.

last saturday me and P went to greenwich for the day.  walking around the markets, P bought himself a new man-bag, as you do.  :) had a nice day out, came home and had fish & chips.

sunday i had arranged to meet scarah for lunch.  was supposed to be at her house for 12ish, but stupid me totally forgot that the clocks went forward for british summer time on saturday night, so was an hour late!  there i was driving hapily down to cambridge, listening to radio 4 (as i’ve given up on commercial stations) and emjoying the slightly warmer weather, when the phone went off and there’s sarah wondering if i’m ok!

felt like such a loser :)  who forgets that summer’s coming?!  especially after 5 months of winter! 

so the last few days at work have been hell busy – getting boss off on his trip to america and working late to get everything done before he goes.  last night left work at 19:45, got home at 21:00.  scary really.  but there’s not many days like that at all.  i don’t mind doing it every so often when there’s something on.  

so boss is now off on his trip and i got to leave at a good time today..  came home and skyped christine in saudi.  she’s doing really well and enjoying herself, but i do worry that she gets lonely.  but tursdy night is christine skyping night :)

looking forward to a quiet weekend this weekend.  have to start getting myself sorted for aussie.

going to have to take the laptop to aussie with me tho – keep the blogs up and also be able to skype p and christine, sarah.

21 days to go.  can’t wait.

25 days til i’m off to aussie to see my family & friends for the first time in 7 years :)  v v excited. can’t wait, even.

25 days to go.

new theme, what do you think?

moody track to go with moody theme…

this is still one of my favourite tracks ever.

in the words of bowie…

got bowie on the brain a little recently.  no idea why.  need to get me some bowie again.  i find bowies one of those guys who drifts in and out of the collection every couple of years.  no idea where bowie’s gone, so i have to go out and buy more bowie.

anyway, out with P yesterday to Greenwich.  I do love that wee place.  wandered round the market, perved the shops.  P bought himself a man-bag and a replacement bracelet.  (last time we went to London someone stole the bracelet i gave him right off his wrist on the tube!  bastards!) he bought the same bracelet as i had given him, which was nice.  i bought a lovely stamp to use as a sign off.  so we had a nice day, then home for fish & chip dinner.

today i’m off out with Scarah, who I haven’t seen since Christine went to Saudi in Jan.  Christine’s he got herself a good job at KAUST outside Jeddah, and she’s been there 3 months now.  thank god for skype!  miss her loads, but she’s doing what she wants which is good.  but, yeah – haven’t seen Sarah since Christine’s farewell party.  be good to see her.  off to hers, then out for lunch. 

at the moment, breakfasting in bed with my guy, watching avatar :) 

happy sunday all.

ooooh! interesting

sci-fi exhibition on at the british library in london…  check it out..

evening all.  hope everyone’s well.

i’m back.  sorry it’s taken me so long.  no excuse really, and i won’t ask for sympathy or understanding or anything.  you’ve a right to be pissed at me.  hell, i deserve it.

but i’m back now – so put that axe down, eugene! :)

so what’s been happening?  are you sitting comfortably?

Well, still at that new job I was talking about back then.  still with the lovely guy i was talking about back then.  still cancer-free, as discussed back then. :)  still in the same house, though he now lives here with me. cat-face is still here.  i’m still in eng-er-land, still fighting the good fight.  started smoking again, however :(

bought myself a very sexy new laptop, so thought i’d take the opp to start blogging again.

and, to begin, if you haven’t seen this new series of fosters beer adverts for the uk – sit back and enjoy…

back soon.  promise ;)


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